Would L I Inspectors Like A Sept Meeting

Would you like a dinner meeting in Sept !!!
Since the winter will be creeping up on us soon I am trying to lineup a Chimney and flue Company
to give us a little insite as what to check for before the cold weather is here.
***If so contact me at; allaround@optonline.net ***
If I get enough inspectors RSVP before the end of August we will have it either on the 14,21,or 28 of sept.
***Regards Len Ungar [L I Nachi Chapter Pres]:slight_smile: ***

With all the people that have read the post NOT A SINGLE ONE HAS SENT ME A E-MAIL THAT THEY WANT THE MEETING.
**!!! AMAIZING !!! **Because I said the end of August doesn’t mean the 31st guys !!! If I don’t start getting some RSVP’s soon there will be no meeting. I am not going to waste my time to put this together for no reason. I was also going to get Joe Ferry for the afternoon to give a mini seminar on legal aspects for the Home inspector. LETS GET WITH IT EVERYONE !!!
Regards Len

Yup -
HQ wants 60 days notice to properly publicize the event, too!

Thats right Russ, it takes time for me to send out all the announcements and people need time to plan on attending. I guess I was the only one to send Len an email and that was just to make sure he sent me the info on the meeting so it could be properly publicized.

***If I get enough inspectors RSVP ******:)***quote]

Lenny, whats on the menu ?

Who’s getting roasted ?

How about a tailgate in the parking lot ?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: