Would love to hear some success stories.

An estimated 45,079 new and resale houses and condos were sold statewide in July. That was up 2.1 percent from 44,167 in June, and up 14.1 percent from 39,507 for July 2008. These are Arm’s-length transactions (buyers and sellers, 43% bank owned but still sold to a buyer).
I’m new to interNACHI. Are there any success stories out there? Would love to hear what’s working and not working with your business.

Thank You

Hey Charles… How long have you been inspecting?

Charles the market is what it is… If your just getting things together. there is a book.

( How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling ),
By Frank Bettger. Get this book. Its a paperback… not a big book. but in it is all you need to known:mrgreen: In it is information the I have been using for some 25 years now…

You have lots of work going on all around you. You just need to get in the flow of it. The keys to your city are in that book…

One of the most important things the book will help you with is finding out what people want. You may think they want an inspection for a cheap price. and they do. But they have other needs:mrgreen: This is what you must find out. Otherwise your just like every other guy out there…



I can say Sept. looks to be a good month already…todays the 4th and I just booked my 6th HI for the week!

My 2 cents you just have to stay after it and dont give up. Keep getting your name out there however you can. It will take some time…for me 100% of my HI come from realtors so that is where I keep pluging my name at. Most buyers are shoping $$ right now but once you have some connections and have some realors that like you and put you on there team $$ wont be that big of a deal.