Would poor ventilation cause warped paneling?

Have a friend who is purchasing a mobile home. A lot of walls are warped throughout the house. Would lack of attic/crawlspace ventilation be the cause of this? Any other ideas what could have caused this?

It is typically caused by moisture.


Probably moisture or high humidity. It could also mean that the home needs to be releveled.

Yes, definitely a moisture issue. I’m wondering if lack of ventilation could be the cause of this much moisture though. The house just isn’t breathing as it should so everything is warping.

Vacant home with AC turned off will do it.


Some other factors are in manufactured homes, paneling is applied directly to the studs with no backing, paneling is made from lower quality materials such as particle board which will expand more than a higher quality material,


Cute place.


I cringe when I get an inspection in those places. Fortunately most of them are just 4points, so I can ignore the cockroaches, stench, holes in the walls and sagging cabinets.


Yeah, it does look like they wrung out using it as an AirBnB as I look closer at some of the pics. And, for only…$$$

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That looks like wainscotting panels. The owners probably installed those sheets with nails and no glue.

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Yes, looks like that wafer thin bead-board paneling that comes “pre-warped” from the big box stores…

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It was rented out as an Air BnB lol. Apparently a renter left the doors open and all the panels warped. Think it might have other issues contributing to the moisture though so wanted to get you alls opinion. Thanks.

Assuming this is true, I would have concerns of Mold in the walls and beneath the subfloor, especially if there’s plastic sheeting in place for the underbelly insulation encapsulation.

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Thanks you. I will inform them.

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