Would this comment go under Information, Limitations or Observations?

Localized portions of the asphalt shingle roof had small blisters visible. Blisters are a cosmetic issue and do not cause premature failure of the shingles or affect their performance. They typically appear during the first 5 years after shingle installation, and are often related to inadequate roof structure ventilation.

I wouldn’t report blisters as cosmetic in Houston.

That contradicts what you and Nick wrote in Mastering Roof Inspections.

Mastering Roof Inspections: Asphalt Composition Shingles, Part 35 - InterNACHI

Yep! Observations.

I would say “Observation”
And I would not include as written

Guys, this post was a question specifically about how to designate comments in Spectora. Thanks Roy!

To avoid drift, I posted in Roofing inspections about asphalt shingle blisters.

See it here.

Definitely observation…other two wouldn’t really make sense.

Didn’t intend to send the thread adrift. The implication of my comment is that it would be an observation.

From my perspective: I treat these categories as follows:

Limitations are listed to set client expectations as to things that I cannot or elect not to do. It may be due to licensing/qualifications (e.g., engineering… WDO…); access/visibility (e.g., can’t see under the slab… there was no access to an attic space…); willingness to inspect (e.g., low voltage wiring, devices, components… Water treatment systems…)

Information is either generic commentary/boilerplate or factual details about the house and systems which are not condition dependent (e.g., It’s a wood framed structure on a slab foundation… Heating type, fuel, make, model…)

Observations are pretty much anything that I feel is comment worthy regarding the condition of the house and its components. These may include anything from serious defects and hazards to trivial items which are worth knowing about

Aaah, that’s what I was looking for, thank you Chuck!

As a Spectorian, I would say Observation or in my case “Finding”. With in an observation/Finding we can slot it in 3 different categories “Minor”, “Moderate” or “Safety / Major”. That’s how I have my template set up, others may vary.

Hope this helps

Do you mean you can change the template, Mike?