Would this work?

Do you guys think this will work very well? http://www.harborfreight.com/automotive-motorcycle/diagnostics/non-contact-laser-thermometer-96451.html

If you’re referring to the type of tool in general, yes, every HI should have one in their arsenal. I use mine on every inspection.
As for the quality, they all work basically the same, but remember, when it comes to tools, you get the quality you pay for.

Looks like a good price.
Paying over $100 is a rip off now in days.

I see then for low prices with different brands even at my local micro center.

Best use is for checking vent temps and water temps.Other than that they make great cat toys.:slight_smile:

Yeah I was referring to the quality im kinda concerned about the cheap price.

For $26 I would not be bothering to post till after I placed my order.:slight_smile:

(waiting for the diamond handle with titanium case ,or what?)

It will probably work OK. I know use a 20:1 ratio

They work. I have one like that also have another on an extension cable I got from there. Problem with the cheaper ones is they have less built in discrimination and will pick up the lense temp too which skews the reading. They work though. Depends on how acurate you need it to be. I use the one on the extension for appliances.

Manufacturer Warranty Detail

100% Satisfaction Guarantee! If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with this item, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

I use a similar model at every inspection, about the same size, just cost more. They are great for keeping the pancake grille the perfect temperature. Just need to remember to put it back in your bag.:slight_smile:

I went through 2 of those, i just ended up buying one from the tool expert. i think it was around 75.00 works a lot better. If you going to use it every day pay a little extra.

I actually own one! In fact I own two infra-red thermometers. The Harbour frieght version is as accurate as the one I paid A WHOLE LOT MORE FOR ! (Add sound of me kicking myself here)

I have had my Raytek MiniTemp for 7 years & it still works great. I don’t remember what I paid for it & they now have different versions.

Here are more you can check out.

They work great checking cylinder head and header temps on the funny car too :wink:

Al (mine is 30:1 ratio) in TN

For what we use them for it should be more than adequate. We are not involved in repairing the Space station or need something with that kind of exacting precision. I paid $100 for the Mini Ray-tech back when there weren’t a lot of options available. Even the price for it has dropped over the years now that others have gotten into the business of supplying inspectors with equipment. Remember, the price for a digital watch used to be hundreds of dollars when they first came out, now you can get one for less than $20 that works just fine. I have several moisture meters that run the price range and have done side by side comparisons and found not difference in the results. Wet is wet and in most cases too much. Someones asked me how wet? My answer is “too wet or it shouldn’t be wet at all”. It is easy to get hung up on buying something for the name only. Durability is the bigger question. If you pay big bucks for something and it gets lost, stolen or broken it grinds on you more than if you paid less for the tool and it works just as well.

If anyone want’s Kevin’s Raytek model that lasted him 7 years you can get it at http://www.arizonatools.com/tools/best-sellers/detail/RAYMT4/ for half price. If its not the same let me know.

I use mine on every inspection, works great with HVAC systems and also to check the range.

I have one similar to the one you’ve linked to, I’ve only had problems when dropped from my hand and hit a hard surface (tile instead of carpet) it requires re-setting the battery from time to time, but it continues to function.