Would you call this a scam

FLIR T360 posted for sale, sellers response to me


Thank you for your email. I am glad that you want to buy my FLIR T360 Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera. My asking price is US $2,000.00. From the beginning I want to tell you that I left USA a couple of days ago and came to United Kingdom with my job (I am a member of the “Save The Children Foundation”). If you still want to buy it, we can do it in a very safe way using an escrow company. They will handle the delivery (because I had to take it with me here) and will give you 10 days of Inspection so you can test and see that it is exactly as described by me in my ad. I will pay all shipping/escrow fees.

I would say yes. I have seen the exact same scenario on other products that always turned out to be a scam.

IMO… Hell Yes… and aren’t there trade restrictions on this technology?


Thanks guys. I had that thought, but wanted to hear from the pros

Well now… just why do you think we are “The Pro’s” in regards to Scams ??? You’re the one operating in Florida !!! :-P:-P

You been around longer, besides , theres very few scams here, thats why I had to ask;)

My rule of thumb is if anyone offers an unsolicited trust builder such as I work for the save the children foundation or I am a pastor, it’s a scam.

It’ll be fine. Just Western Union them the money with $2000 extra and say your secretary messed up. They’ll need to send you a check/money order for the overage and you’ll schedule a pick up with your own personal delivery guy. Should go through no problem…


It is absolutely a scam.

Now that you know it is. Have some fun with it. String them along and share the results with us.

Tell them that you have close relatives in the UK and one of them can meet with them in person to do the transaction in person so he can save the escrow fees…

Or offer to pay with a bank check that is greater than the amount owed, all he has to do is deposit it and send you the overage along with the camera…

Edit: I see Jeffrey is ahead of me on this. There are many fun things you can do with this.

I think I just one a million dollars. All I have to do is send them a check for the transfer fees and we are all set. They said if I had friends that wanted to make some extra cash from home they could set us all up for life. He just called back to say that my computer was having some issues and that they could also help. He’s working on it right now. God I love people who just want to help me. So, anyone else want to work from home??

Good idea…It’s time for the games to begin.

If its not a scam, then the tooth fairy, Easter bunny and Santa are all real…

SCAM !!! Run far and fast!!!

I don’t understand sending a larger check. What does that accomplish?

Ever sell anything on Craigslist?


A motorcycle once why?

A lot of times if you are selling something of significant value, there will almost always be 1 or 2 ‘buyers’ that respond to your item asking “Is your item still for sale?”. You respond back to them. They in turn tell you that they are on a business trip but would love to buy your item.
They offer to send a moneygram to you and will arrange a pick up involving their delivery guy. Western Union moneygrams are supposedly the easiest to counterfeit. They send you the moneygram and it will be several hundred to several thousand in excess. They immediately contact you and say there has been a mistake and if you could send a check/money to them for the overage.
It takes the bank about a week after you deposit the moneygram to discover that it’s fake. You are out the deposit that you thought you had, fees from your bank and the check/money that you sent the ‘buyer’.
Oh…and the delivery guy never shows up.


Ha that’s a pretty smart scam!

Next time they want to try to scam me I’ll play along and just give them a name and address that happens to be our State’s Attorney General. She can be a ***** and a half when she wants to. We’ll see what she’ll do when she gets a moneygram for a couple thousand that bounces.


I have a retired friend that now lives off of Craigslist and sometimes garage sales. He has a nice van and keeps the “free” section open on his computer. Responds almost immediately to most ads that have anything of value for free. Picks them up in a short time and takes new pictures and sells them. Doesn’t cost him a thing except gas and he has been clearing 4 figures on a weekly basis. Don’t mess with retirees.