Would you call this out?

I’m calling out the lack of drip loop, but what about the insulation on the SEC’s.

Is this a trick question Reece?
Never seen that before.

Yes to both. No real drip line and insulation deteriorating and should be repaired.

Not a trick question, more of a stupid question.:wink: I’ve got to call it out, but I was really looking for some insight as to how common this is. I haven’t seen it this bad before. The SEC has arced and fused to the guide wire!

I would call out the missing drip loop at the weather head and also write up the triplex as having severely deteriorated insulation.

AHH! Yes yes yes!!

Taken individually I would call any of the following out:

  • no drip loop
  • cracking of the SEC insulation
  • arcing between conductors

Good call yes it needs to be reported and the insulation repaired .

The HOT wire arcing with the Grounded Neutral.

What Cameron said. :slight_smile:

The wire with the severely cracked insulation is called triplex or the service drop. It is spliced with the sec that runs down to the meter socket. Sec is also sometimes referred to as the lateral.

In my neck of the woods the power company owns the triplex and is responsible for it, Sec is the homeowners responsibility. The power company foots the bill on triplex replacement in most cases as they own it.

I would write it up and also inform the seller and/or their agent as the prior arching is a safety and fire concern to the present occupants. Our state SOP would require this.

That is a common enough condition to be something to always be on the lookout for. It is also serious enough that I would advise the buyer or the real estate agent to have someone call the utility company immediately. That’s one of those things that could sit there for a long time without anything bad happening or there could be a fire tomorrow. It is a diasaster waiting to heppen.

When ever I see that, I write it up in the report and the local power company, here it is FPL, fixes it for free. IN most instances, they change the lines.