Would you cut it


I would report that the seller or someone representing him has disabled the door from normal operation and suggest the probability that it is in need of repair.

Interesting responses from many here.

I wouldn’t be as confident as Mark in his assumption. I agree with Bushart.

I see this often.

Home winterized.

Dead bolts removed.

Garage door unplugged and secured at track.

The garage door is a safety component and merits special consideration.

If I can test it by plugging it in and removing the wire-tie/pin/lock , I do as long as I can return it to the original state in which I found it.

That being said each, HI has to develop procedures he and his business are comfortable with in addition to state law and org SOPs.

I prefer a complete inspection if reasonably possible.

This is rarely seen in my area, without knowing why the nylon ties were placed to secure the door I would note it in the report. The owner/realtor can demonstrate it to the buyers if it is working properly.

Nope, it may be tied for a reason or it may not, 50-50 odds are usually not in your favor…

Yes as long as I can re-secure the Door and all else Looks good.