Would you eat here?

These pictures are the best part of this restaurant inspection this morning I did.

Holy Mackeral…!!!..:shock:

I should of scheduled it later in the day when my stomach might be a little stronger…:shock:

They must of butchered “something” on the floor before I arrive…](*,)


1.1 Million…Fresh Blood (included from some type of creature)…:lol:

I looked for Carcases in the Dumpster, they must of fricasseed the whole damn thing…:lol:

Don’t fret Dale, it is time to replace more tiles and add a fourth color anyways. ha. ha.
Did they offer you lunch? :wink:

That is disgusting, blah.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Yes they did Marcel…I ate my sandwich on the roof and tucked the plastic bag under the once was torched-down, I figured any plastic would certainly help…:lol:

You know whats sad? That place is cleaner than most. Ever been in the kitchen of a chinese buffet joint?

Don’t go! Stay out front at the buffet.

Gross!..and just imagine what that kids pant cuffs pick up and carry around… eeewwww!

Not nice to litter someone’s property. :wink:

Be curious to know where all the water is going when it rains.

Appears to me the roof might look like the kitchen. ha. ha.

Nice pics, Dale.

Marcel :slight_smile:

See the ten gallon pot next to the open J-Box…that is “One” of the water collection devices…:smiley:

Shame they are using the best pot in the joint to collect pigeon $hit laden rain water…:smiley:

Soup stock…:shock:

Brian I have inspected many here in the valley of the sun…I really could not say they were worse…:shock:

Damn…maybe they let the roof go all to hell for a reason…good thought Larry…:smiley:

What kind of sandwich did you have Dale?

Good thing they new you were coming, so they had time to clean up before you arrived. :slight_smile:

I did a restaurant inspection in rural Illinois and noticed blood and feathers on a butcher block. The place stunk big time. I ran out the back door and got sick in the parking. I got in the truck and drove away. :smiley: I inspected restaurants including the commercial appliances before homes. The worst were the independents. :vomit:

Hi to all,

I would not eat at any of the Commercial places I have ever inspected, the bigger problem is that I have NOT inspected any of the places that I DO eat at :shock:

Maybe that needs to change :wink:




Are you gonna be the next HEATLH INSPECTOR?

Getr Done!:wink:

I spent about 5 years in my past life working commercial refrigeration Restaurants, grocery stores, Beer joints you name it. I had a mental list of restaurants that I would not eat in; would not if they paid me. Same with grocery stores in the meat Dept would not let my wife buy meat in some of the stores that I worked on.

Charlie; Doesn’t it make one wonder how they manage to get their license re-newed from the Health Department of Human Services?, or dose it work like Code Enforcement Inspections like we hear about in different areas?

Seems like someone is not doing there job.
The pictures that Dale showed us was pretty drastic and gross.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

**Would you eat here?..Frankly, “No”

There is no excuse for it, the best endorsement my restaurant received was the city and state and federal health inspectors ate there, even the code guys. They would do surprise inspections right before they sat down. I was proud of it.

Did they sit down for a free meal?:mrgreen: