Would you give it all up?

Recently I was asked to interview for a job that I had not applied for. I have always believed that you should at least listen to what is being offered. I have already spent five hours talking to the company over a series of three interviews. I have one more scheduled for next week to go make a final determination on which way we want to proceed. They are a reputable company that is looking to expand and they feel that I would make a great fit in their company. It is an opportunity that could be very lucrative. The position is for me to go back in the HVAC trade as a salesman. A position that I had spent eleven years doing, prior to becoming an inspector.

My inspection business has grown faster than what I would have ever imagined and I am happy being an inspector. I love the freedom of being my own boss and knowing that I am truly the only person that affects my income. However, I miss working with other people and being involved in a team atmosphere. One thing that I do worry about is in ten years, when I turn 50, will I still want to be crawling around nasty crawlspaces and 140 degree attics in the summer.

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

They are open to me doing inspections on the side.

I have been self employed my whole life “almost” But you have to think about the future and benefits when you have a family.

I personally hate the thought of being a salesman but all in this biz essentially are so. So i guess no biggy there but how long can you physically do home inspecting and will it take care of all your bills and retirement are HUGE issues.

I am personally trying to get a position with a National Home Builder as we speak. I currently consult for them and hope to turn it into a full time job for the next 25 or so years. It would be a complete change of lifestyle for me but I know how to be a great employee because I have had so many in the past work for me and I must do what is best for my family.

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU. Keep us informed.

Looks like a dilemma…I guess what you have to decide is where do you want to be when your retirement age.

Look at your long term goals and then figure out which job gets you there in the manner you want to arrive.

I would find another inspector in my service area if I was going to leave the HI profession and see if they want to buy your company or even get a % of the jobs you throw them…don’t let all your hard work building this company go to waste.

Jeff if your business is growing take advantage of that and continue to build it into something that can be managed by you or sold. I am 42 and no intention of crawling or climbing when I hit 50.

I do plan on having a business to manage that can eventually be sold one day if I decide to go that route.

Would I give it all up?

I would never give up my current business to be in the employ of someone else, but that’s just me. I am always looking to the future and “employment” just doesn’t fit in anywhere :smiley:

Only you can truthfully answer this question.

Which one will make you happier over the long run?

Do you believe that your HI business will afford you a nice retirement?

In ten years from now will you still want to be working for someone else?


Never be an employee of someone else…LMAO…I met your wife, your already an employee my friend…she just lets you think your the boss…

I Did inspections till I was 75 , I had no urge to retire but got a good offer to sell the Company .
Never been sorry for selling and am still in great condition and very active.
.Only you can make the decision ,How healthy are you ??

A REAL salesman works on commission, and wouldn’t have it any other way. So if you are giving it all up to be an HVAC salesman, you are still in business for yourself. I love working on 100% commission, it is every bit as exciting and rewarding as owning your own business.

This would be a 100% commission based position.

Take the job. No government and business headaches to deal with? All you do is sell? Dream job.

If it’s a quality product/service that I believe in and know would benefit my client, I’m the best salesman on earth. If I’m unsure about the product/service, I’m the worst salesman on earth.

When I retire, I’m going into sales.

Turning 57 and have no problem jumping around with the best of them.
Bet I can outrun any inspector 15 years younger.

That being said my gut feeling is you already decided to take the offer.
Just remember that you can always come back inspecting however it does take a long time to build that referral base.

And if it’s a reputable company, they most likely have an attractive benefit package as well.

You always have to weigh everything out & figure out what’s best for you & what it is that you really want, not only now but 10 year down the road.

Like Nick said, you’re still working for yourself, only you won’t have to pay all the overhead (advertising, Association dues, company phone, software, keeping website up & fresh etc.) that comes with it.

On the other hand if you can do both, I would be checking it out if I were you.

Do they give you leads or do you have to find your own?
Are they already in your area, or expanding to your area?
How many other salesmen are there?
How long have they worked for the company?
Out of all the salesmen, what is the average time they have been with the company? What does the average salesman make?
How many other salesmen are they seeking to hire for this area?
Can you get exclusivity to the area to sell in?
Once you hit a certain number in sales does you percentage climb?
Can I spend two days in the office to see how the company works?

I would want to ensure that if I am selling a product, that they compliment my professionalism. Nothing like being over promised and under serviced to obtain a very short and unprofitable career.

If they are flooding my area, I don’t want to have slimy co workers stealing my customers. I wouldn’t want to compete with other people in my office. If they have a guy of 20 years with the company in my area, I would think all the good and hot leads would be funneled his way.

I would then want to know, if I prove I can sell, The more I make the company, the more I want to make, percentage wise.

Just some stuff to think about if you already haven’t.

What a bunch of wimps.

I turned 53 in December, and crawl the crawls, walk the roofs, play basketball on weekends, and party till 1 in the morning on Friday nite.

Age is what you make it out to be. I think I may retire at 85 or 86, if I don’t fall off a roof!

In reading your post, it would seem that your mind is made up if you have put in that kind of effort to gain the job. You can always come back to inspecting. You have the foundation to do that and the experience. Best of Luck!

She’s only the boss until I pull out of the driveway. After that, it’s all me :mrgreen:

I retired from the corporate world 6 years ago. 30 years as a tool design engineer/supervisor. The stress was horrible. I would not have to work if I did not want to. I love having my own business. I like helping people avoid big mistakes. My business is my baby. Very little stress. Still crawling in crawl spaces and on roofs at 66 with no end in sight.

right on AD.

I turn 73 next week. Walk all roofs up to 8/12, crawl all crawl spaces and ski all the double blacks at breck twice a week. Thinking about retirement in ten years or so. Love this job.