Would you give it all up?

All the skiing keep ya in shape :slight_smile:

Think about all that work in over 100 degrees :frowning:

I’m at peak performance in temps over 100 degrees :mrgreen:

Although I’m not sure how well I would do in the FL humidity :cool:

Nothing better than being self employed. Join organizations both business & other (even volunteer groups) that will help market your business while providing more of the people interaction that you need. Those people may even become future clients. Age should not be a factor if you remain active & stay healthy.

Post of the Year.

I love it, I’m the same way just a few years younger, I do about one inspection a day year in & year out, I will work this profession until I am unable.

No employees + No gimmicks = No problems. :smiley:

The humidity sucks. I HATE the heat as well. Looking for that job where I do not sweat to often. I personally hate getting grubby and stinky.

I guess I just miss my semi old days and not the real, real pre 93 days :smiley:

I love working with my hands but hate getting my fingernails dirty. :slight_smile:

remember there’s no guarantee with the new job that the door will remain open tomorrow either.

I kind of agree with that as well. I like handy work but with nice clean stuff in a nice cool environment :slight_smile:

Was a joke.
The older guys might remember that as a tag line for keypunch training centers on commercials in the old days.

I know it was but I honestly feel that way.

Just like I like exercising when it involves something like downhill skiing :slight_smile:

I just hate dirt, grime, sweat and stink but do not mind working hard in other ways.