Would you pay $100 for a 1-day meth lab inspection course?

I have an educator who wishes to offer this to our chapters.

I would definately love to have this course offerd at one of The Greater Philadelphia Chapter’s meetings. Could probaly get one hell of a return on investment in this neck of the woods!

I would also like to attend this course…locally…but, alas, I am unable to locate an “active” chapter in my neck of the woods. :frowning:

No thanks. I’ve been chasing Meth Heads for 13 yrs. I’m done with that.
I’ve been up close and personal with Labs from the US to China, I think I’ve got it covered.

I don’t do Meth neighborhoods and neither do the Realtors that call me. I try not to have to carry a gun to work anymore, but that’s changing if you watch the News from around here!

One area of Marketing my Company is lacking in I guess.

What’s going to be covered? I’m offering a class to Realtors on House hold Drug Pollution, and it’s no where close to a day. I’m guessing it’s more than just taking test swabs…


I would disagree with some of the comments in the letter that Wendy has quoted. Specifically that the swabs don’t hold up in court. They do. As a matter of fact the lab that I use, uses the same equipment that is accepted world wide for its results. Of course proper sample gathering techniques and records need to be used for that type of analysis. (I do agree that doing this is relatively easy - not monkey easy - but easy.) It’s also much cheaper to provide than what he is proposing.

But all that’s really a moot point. We as homeinspectors might choose to do the testing to determine the existence of narcotic residue in the home as a health risk to the buyers/owners. Just like we might supply a radon test. These tests (while they can stand up) aren’t usually meant to stand up in court, just to provide information. Besides, all any analysis can do is verify the existence. Not who put it there, or when.

I would probably pay $100 for a 1-day course like this, just for the additional knowledge. But I think it’s probably overkill. I’m having a hard enough time marketing the basic swab tests. I think trying to market a $2400 test to most home buyers would be a “deal-killer”.

PS. The testing I do can detect Narcotic residue as fine as 1/100 the size of the most stringent legal guidelines for detection. It can detect the existance of Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Crack-Cocain, Ecstacy, & THC.

Some thread drift…

What ,if any thing, do you do when you find a bag of marijuana behind a dead front or in a plumbing access while inspecting a rental property?

Will the $100.00 cover all the travel & expense fees, for the educator to come to the chapters?

Leave it where it’s at, take a picture of it, and either mention it to the buyer, or mention it in the report. I also hand them a flier on Household Drug Pollution, and ask them if they would like me to take some samples.

Yes, we would be interested.

Wondering what ever transpired with this?

You got to take in account who wrote the letter. He has told nothing but half truths since he has posted on this message board.