Would you report on a 4 point Inspection?

I did a 4 Point inspection yesterday and there was a trampoline in the back yard. I didn’t make a big deal out of it but mentioned in the report that it was there. I received an unhappy call for the customer’s contractor, who gave her my name. He felt that I should not have mentioned the trampoline.

If you see one do you mention it in your report?

you gotta be kidding me? A trampoline where does that fit into the four point?

Why would you mention a trampoline. That comes up nowhere on a 4 point. If it happens to be in the picture of the back yard, so be it. Would you also mention an aggressive dog?

I understood that if there were general safety issues, and nearly all insurance companies consider a trampoline a safety issue, that it should be reported. That is why I made this post. If I am wrong, I want to know. Thanks for your input.

I do not report on them. If the company wants to know everything on the property they can send their inspector on their dime. Do you report on broken window glass, cracks/upheaval on sidewalks, treehouses, these are all safety hazards that most companies want to know about. I answer the questions aaked on the form, nothing more. Do as you wish but my goal in business is to spend as little time fielding angry phone calls as possible.

I got a clients policy thrown out because one showed up in an elevation shot. by accident. They called me to come back out and retake it. Now I always make sure if one is around they move it and make it clear the insurance co won’t like it. Most already know it. Not the trampoline police and most likely those guys that do the drive by inspections will catch it sooner or later.

A 4 Point is the only thing you inspect.

Agreed, try not to get the trampoline into the shot (although they do use Google Earth).:twisted: They will do the same thing with a diving board on a pool. I have even had underwriters wanting to confirm latching gates and perimeter fencing for a pool home. I do try to include the pool barrier in my elevation shots to avoid confusion.

I can’t believe you would ask this question:roll:

If you saw a bag of dope on the coffee table I guess you would write that up and also call the po po.

I’m guessing you haven’t done any State Farm “Four Points” yet. :slight_smile:

I Laughed a bit when I read this. I cannot count how many bongs I’ve seen when inspecting the fixture plumbing.

I don’t know, since I moved to Palm City, the “laid back” attitude has me thinking!

I seem to remember this topic from a while back…


I go out of my way to keep it out of the pictures.


I did get my a s s chewed because I took a picture of the only roof to wall connection that I could see and it had rotted wood above. The client called and said she would never use my a s s again and tell all her friends. Not my fault she had a half assed repair the underwriter caught.

The best thing about being self employed is I got to tell her…

Screw you and the goat you rode in on and hung up on her :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I told the dumb hole what I needed pictures of and that was the only place not full of s h i t.

BUT I guess it is almost as bad a mentioning a tramp…well not as bad as mentioning but as bad a photographing.

you can’t make them all happy all the time.

Only if the little f u c k e r bit me :slight_smile:

OK. I guess I was wrong. I thenk all those who responded to let me know. I try to make sure I am doing things right but in this case. I was wrong… Thanks to all those that put me in my place.

That’s what I like about this MB.

You are welcome. Just don’t let it happen again.

Simply stated it is what the 4 Point request…
Here is the one for Citizens . Just fill in the blanks with what you see…Simple …Yes ?
No more or no less.
I usually throw in extra pics …water heat tag, ac compressor tag…ect…ect…
Just to cya. No additional phone calls to waste my time.
Why do any more than is needed ?
They ain’t gonna out of the goodness of their heart give you more money …Correct?

Right, RNR!

Anyone every here of a 4 point for Citizens on a commercial bldg. I have a request for one on a 8 unit short stay villa type place. and a wind mit. Anyone know if they will accept the 1802 form because the client said that is what she wanted? only 2 floors.

I’d ask to talk to her Ins agent to clarify what they want.