Would you report on a 4 point Inspection?

I did I do not think she did. Some people just do not take advice. I even told her the info from one form is NOT interchangeable.

I tell ya though it sure was handy getting paid in advance yesterday when all the realtor pricks started whining about my estimated time it would take once I saw the property.

The guy about poo pooed himself after we did one unit and had to cut around the painted in panel and such to remove. I guesstimated it to be around 35 minutes per unit
but each one was different and some easier than others so we got it down to about 15 minutes inside each unit with the owner helping out to speed things along at all the panels so that if they got damaged I would not be blamed.

49.95 is 49.95…right? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: