Would you show your business insurance to a client?

If a client ask you to show if you are insured or not, would you show this information to them? because this would be personal information.

What does personal got to do with business insurance, you advertise licensed and insured you need to show them on request your insurance document. Some communities you will need to give a copy of your insurance to the builder just to enter the community. Be prepared to lose the job by not showing your document.

I get it, thanks…

Lots of clients chose me over the competition because I am insured and they are not. I actually make website visitors aware of this.

Consider the following response:

“I have an insurance policy that protects me, pays for my lawyers and covers my legal expenses to fight anyone who might want to file a claim against me. I haven’t had to use it yet, but it is a comfort to me to know it’s there. Why would you want to look at it?”

Clients who, in their first couple of questions, inquire about insurance coverage are typically referred by me to my nearest lowballing competitor to hasten his demise.

It’s a checklist question. I don’t see any big deal.

Exactly. Your average person has no clue what to ask, so they ask stoopid questions like… “How much”, “Are you insured”, “Are you licensed” (in a NO license state), etc…

Asking if an inspector is insured is not the same as asking to see documentation pertaining to his insurance, as this thread addresses.

Anyone that intent on detailed knowledge of the coverage needs to hire my nearest lowballing competitor.

Where does it state the client asked for documents?

How do you show documents that you are not insured?

Other than a certificate of insurance which is issued with each policy … what does one have to “show” someone who asks to “shown” that the inspector is insured?

The question is would you show them the documentation for your insurance at the inspection site, I know clients ask if a home inspector is insured or not, but they ask to bring document to show that you are insured, would you shoe them?

Nope… you don’t get to ask any questions until you answer the one I asked you first…

I had to provide it the other day to get on the roof of a building. I gave it to the guy and he gave me the keys. It’s part of doing business I think.

You should probably start a new thread with your off topic question. I rarely visit threads started by you, but someone else might answer your question for you.

Typical Bushart.

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Enough of you. Go stalk Roy or something but stop trying to hijack this guy’s thread. He is dealing with an important issue.

I have been asked, but I always ask back, “what type of insurance”? Most always, they draw a blank.

Most all people who ask do not know anything about business insurance; and all of them ask because their agent tells them to. All of them do not understand that business insurance protects me; not them.

Yeah clients think that insurance will protect them, i had a guy once ask me if i have workers comp as well, im a solo inspector and i dont have any employee on my company, what does worker comp had to do with them?

Yes he is, and my post is based upon his. Deal with it.

I agree.