WOW!!! Factor

Though I would share this wonderful picture.
This is one of several areas of the home where patching has covered up some serious structural issues.

Those funny home sellers :smiley:


Is this an inside or outside wall?

This is an interior wall. One of several. This house was on the verge of collapsing. The owner did every thing possible, next to carpeting the walls, to cover up these problems (rugs, textured wall paper, textured walls, etc.) But nontheless you can’t hide the obvious. When you look at the house from the outside and it looks like you can follow the contour of the roof with the sun behind it, that’s usually the first sign of a loooooooonnnnnnnng day:)

Tim, how did you come to the conclusion that it was a “serious structural issue” and how did you write it up? Just curious.

Being this is a drywall patch…“tape and mud” how does this determine structural defect? I’m sure there were other problems, enlighten us.

Wondering myself what you mean by you can follow the contuor of the sun.

I don’t think anyone is browbeating you here, we are (at least I am) curious as to what you found other then the deflection in the wall to say its on the verge of collaps,… we are trying to help as it could be other factors like warping or twisting lumber like this header I found on a recent inspection.

It was noticible from the street driving by. The foundation had completly collapsed on one side of the home, several walls were bowing and cracked. As for the roof you could see when the side of the house had fallen it had made the roof look as if it were arched (the sun was directly behind this home when I was looking at it and it had a very nice contour, but on a different scale of course). There is a whole lot more to the story and my point of this picture was to show that the owner had started to patched over several of these surfaces, and they could not of left it anymore noticable at all what he was tring to do. I was just trying to show how obserd some people can be when it comes to tring to sell their home (falling down or not). This was a house that I had driven by and saw a for sale sign in the yard. I happened to reconize the name of the agent listing the house and talked them in to allowing me in to look at it, for my personal enjoyment. It was a forclosed home “I wonder why”, but I was just bored that day and was looking to kill some time. Anyhow, I did contact the agent listing the house after I walked through and explained to him the problems relating to the house, and it has been taken off the market, and I’m sure it will probably be condemmed. I just love my job, and when I see something like this, it sparks an interest in me to see what happened, and it is just a learning experience for me. Anyhow I hope this clears up what I was tring to say.

It sounds like it would have been great to see, just think of all a person could learn, on all the different areas. I would love to see what all the movement did to the plumbing and electrical wiring, heat runs. You could spend all day in there.