WOW! Lebron James 18yo son has heart attack... edit "cardiac arrest" after getting jabbed!

Wow, wonder why young healthy superstar athletes are having (edit… cardiac arrests), heart attacks, strokes and blood clots? Hmmm couldn’t possibly have anything to do with vaccine’s. :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

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Only had to read the headline to know I’m glad he is on ignore to deal with the BS content.


Jeff SpencerjspencerInterNACHI®️ CPI


Jeff are you implying that Lebron James son didn’t have a cardiac arrest today?

Just curious?

Saving peoples lives (and inspectors) is your procedure for putting someone on ignore?

How long between when he had the shot and when he had the heart attack? Just curious.

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I have no Idea, the point is the jab is spreading the CRUD. They want to kill all of us, this is 5Gwarfare, we are under attack.

Are you sure he got the vaccine at all?


Lebron was persuaded by akim and bigPharm/bigTech to get the jab.

Ok. I have no idea. Just that your thread title makes it sound like Lebron’s kid had a heart attack shortly after getting the vaccine? But it sounds like we don’t even know if or when he got the vaccine? :man_shrugging:

I think you might be jumping to conclusions a bit. Young adults having heart attacks is nothing new. It can happen to anyone regardless of age. He might have had other complications as well.


I think I’ll do the same. His posts are the epitome of fake news.



I heard two medical Doctors on TV make detailed analysis of this condition and no one mentioned the CONNECTION to the “vaccine”. Both Doctors, different networks, came to same inconclusive conclusions and clearly stated that they couldn’t say, because they did not have a personal appreciation of this specific patient.

Now we have a “Medical Home Inspector Specialist” (“MHIS”) capable of making the “vaccine connection” or is this another “conspiracy theory”? I didn’t know John Hopkins was now graduating MHIS :joy::rofl::joy::rofl: or is it Harvard Medical School? Is this a new InterNACHI Certificate, I have to take it…! Does it have an InterNACHI Batch to add to my Inspector Website?

Oh! I get it now! It may be the “China Beijing Medical Graduate School of Home Inspection Business”…!


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It’s amazing how fast the righties try to spread false propaganda when there is zero evidence that a vaccine causes this young mans cardiac arrest.


Riiight, so Lebron James son didn’t get the jab and didn’t have a heart attack at the age of 18? Wow, the mass psychosis hypnosis and Stockholm syndrome are very real.

Careful some on the forum will label you as not “neutral” anymore…and then they say that they are disappointed.

I said…“Oh, well.”

You may find that employable also… :rofl:


I don’t know, did he? Do you know? If he did, was his heart attack a direct result of the vaccine? Could it have been something else? A symptom of long Covid? A preexisting congenital heart disease maybe? Your sensationalized title suggests some sort of unsubstantiated speculative correlation.


Just an FYI, Mr James did not have a heart attack, instead he went into cardiac arrest. There is a difference.

cardiac arrest vs heart attack - Google Search

On a different note, if getting the jab was fatal, I think I would have been a goner long ago, but one thing I did notice was this strange voice in my head telling me to go buy as many Microsoft products that I could get my hands on… :laughing: :wink:

I trust the science and the scientists and am glad The Trump Administration was in large part responsible for getting us the jab via their Warp Speed vaccine program.

# Remarks by President Trump at the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Summit


Doctors and the MSN news media are baffled…


I know, I know, he’s not sure! He posts fake news multiple times daily. He is very needy for attention.


There are some rare vaccine side effect connections between young people (generally males) and heart complications. Some youth became seriously ill but I am not digging all that up again. Is there a connection between this story and vaccine harm? I have no idea. I certainly do not believe the alphabet news channels would report on it even if there was a direct connection. So there is that.