hydroponics equipment, damaged drywall, added ventilation and hose connections in the bathrooms. All of the doors were damaged, like kicked-in.

What could this be???

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I wonder what it would look like if they had got upset .

Everyone needs to earn a living. Some just grow it.:mrgreen:

The door frame was busted in on the other side, I did wonder what happened to the dead bolt.

Business might not have been too good, it was a short sale. :twisted:

one simple call and your now legal to grow…well thats in lala land of CA lol…I know of so many grow homes out here its just part of everyday life. I know of one guy who grows for co opps around here and you shuould see these set ups. computer control ect…

cut and run…:shock:

Can I use your shower photo in my newsletter?

Yes, you may

How about this one from today


Dinner? :smiley:

I would have let it go. Because it looks as if it has been trapped for longer then a day. They should check their traps at a minimum of every 12 hrs.
There is nothing wrong with trapping it, but leaving it there without food and water is cruel and inhuman.

I almost did, I called the human society but they would not get it. The owner said they had a company coming to get it.