When you shop for an inspector, it will be smart of you to keep in mind the following guidelines.
You will want the inspection report :

To be on a PDF format, or any other electronic means, so it can be emailed and all parties
can clearly see the report. (faxes are sometimes messy and not clear)
To be typed, and not handwritten, so it is legible for all parties.
To include color pictures next to the note defect, so all parties understand what the inspector
is talking about.
To include a repair estimate for all the defects, so you have an idea of how much it would
cost to fix the defect.
To have a 1 page summary, with estimates, so the real estate agents and attorneys involved
can quickly and easily identify what the problems are.
To include a roof inspection, from a licensed roofer only.
To include a termite report inspection, from a licensed pest control company only.
To include a free wind mitigation report, so you avoid paying another $150.00 to a different
company (this inspection can reduce the cost of hazard & flood insurance significantly)

What to avoid:

  • High inspection costs. Normal range is between $200.00 & $400.00, payable when the
    inspection is done. I have seen companies charging close to $1,000.00 to do the same thing
    another company does for $300.00

Nice that he puts this out there! I love it why worry about my fee’s?

So that’s why a $150 WM is well worth it…“It reduces the cost of FLOOD insurance” lol

No…only a free wind mit does… :mrgreen:

It may blow in a rain…:slight_smile:

"Advice for Contacting Alex
If I dont know you, I dont trust you—don’t bother contacting me."

This is actually posted on his LinkedIn, must be why he has only 2 connections, what a Meat head…

This guy is an ***.

That was my professional opinion about an a four legged animal of burden that NACHI censored to ***.

A one page summary? How about 3 or 4 ?

Free wind mit…free termite…free roof inspection…by a licensed roofer no less…

The total profit for one inspection would be, using this guys business model, about four bucks!

To all clients: When choosing a Realtor, make sure he gets you free appraisals, free inspections, and takes a flat fee of $500.00 no matter what price the home is. I am certain you will be more than happy with his services!

Ha, great site. I enjoyed the laugh.

I just love it when pricks tell others what we should be charging them :frowning:

Has interesting link there .


This guy claims to be one of the top producers in our neck of the woods. I have already sent him an email asking him politely to remove the content. Have not heard back yet. I would think the rest of you might want to do the same thing.

  1. KEEP THE A/C AT 73. Specially during summer, you must showcase the functionality of your
    air conditioning unit. This is a very big issue for most first time homebuyers.
  2. BUY A INSPECTION: It will cost you a little bit of money, $200-$300 dollars, but it will uncover
    every issue you have in your house. That way, there are no nasty surprises down the road.

Get a wind mitigation inspection. This inspection will probably save you 25% of your
regular premium. Normally the inspection costs $150.00 - $250.00, but if you read my
inspections page, you will included in your inspection

I wonder if this guy is on Craigslist?

I have not even checked out his site. I was just responding to the comments here.

If you pause the video and hit the info button, the following appears.

Unbelievable… I myself have never advised anyone to buy or not to buy and I believe most here feel the same. I am going to have to check it out to find out how the scam Works. It will likely be quite funny.

You guys should report him to the Licensing board.
…or just do nothing .

He could be just really pushing the envelope on ethics. He could also be a genius at marketing.