WoWseR! What an upgrade.

I know some of you fancy inspectors out there drive the latest and greatest vehicles, with all the bells and whistles, but I love my 2005 Subaru Forester and just gave it a tweak today to bring it up to speed.

New headunit with GPS touchscreen in dash, bluetooth to phone, music, but what I love the most is that when I get a call for an inspection while I’m driving, I hear them over the stereo speakers! Clear as a bell and I can talk back hands free instead of that silly earpiece gizmo.

Same with GPS audio directions, all through the stereo speakers.

Love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, but does the seat massage your balls while your driving? Don’t stop with the small upgrades… :wink:

Well, since you ask…
The SuperModels do that part.
I have them on retainer. :mrgreen:

Making me think its time to upgrade my systems :shock:

Keep wishing my 2001 shortage would die so I can buy a new one but the darn thing runs great and I am cheap.
Like Foresters.

Why not go all the way? :wink:

Damn spellcheck.
At a festival… Give me a break lol.

Put a bullet in the thing Bob.:wink:

I never buy new, drive it off the lot and it’s lost a third of it’s value!

But I highly recommend the Forester line, great ride, dependable, comfortable, pretty fuel efficient to boot. Handles snow great with the AWD. And good storage for home inspectors.

Tube on top is for my spectoscope!


What did it set you back Tommie I am almost broke from paying Nickie all those $5.00’s per inspection fees;-):stuck_out_tongue:

More than you make in a week Charles! :twisted:

Tommie $3000.00 is to much ya got robbed its called Jessie James without a gun:twisted:

Just joshin ya Chuck, :wink: cost about 850.00 with install and parts.

Now I gots me a modern vehicular!

Did you go to Blues Fest Bob?

One other thing I forgot to mention is this pioneer unit is compatible with Apple CarPlay which will be coming out in a few weeks…