I had a Realtor call me today for some help. She has a client that wants to ensure they get a “WPIA Certificate” on the home they are buying and the Realtor told them “Sure, no problem”…now she’s wondering what the heck that is. I have to admit I’m not familiar with that term either. Anyone know what that stands for? It might have to do with wind certification for coastal properties but that’s just a wild guess.

It was me.

I had a bet with Joe Farsetta that I could call any real estate salesman in America, at random, and get them to promise me something that does not exist.

I won.

Somewhere in the middle of this document is something about WPIA (wind load) something or other. I just googled it.


Yes…I saw the same thing and that’s what lead me to think wind load or whatever but I couldn’t locate anything else in that vein. I also Yahoo searched the phrase and checked wikipedia to no avail.

Austin isn’t exactly a costal property… if I were the agent, I think I would try to get some more info. She might have misunderstood WPIA for something else.

Here’s an idea…When you call the agent back, offer to call her client for her to get some additional information about the “certification” that they were asking for. When you talk to the client, you can play dumb about not catching exactly what she was needing. You can be helpful to her by helping her save face (getting some more referrals), and to her client, who will probably call you to do the inspection. You’ll also learn what the heck they are talking about.

Mark…I agree that there was likely a misunderstanding on someone’s part. My guess is that the client said “we need a WDI certificate” meaning a Wood Destroying Insect inspection and report and that WDI somehow got heard as WPI. Who knows where the “A” came from. Anyway, I do like your idea of offering to call the client to see what they were referring to. I may do just that tomorrow. I’ll now get a red or two for offering to help a Realtor won’t I :smiley: .


I hope that this can be of some help!

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Not really…like I say, I used yahoo search as well as google and I do not see anything there that describes WPIA at all. Am I missing something?

All that I could find relates to “Windstorm Insurance”