Wrap nailing question

2+1 or 3+1 The new form says 2+1

Does anybody know if citizens will accept 2+1 now…Or do we have to wait till the new form.

The grape vine says they are accepting 2+1…

I would like to have proof because that is NOT what the current form says. Current form 3 up and over and one minimums = wrap.

Again that is an interpretation of the form and is inaccurrate. The form says the wrap must be secured to the truss with a minimum of three nails, then goes on to say one nail must secure the opposite side. This has previously been taught in classes to mean three and one and the new form seems to indicate two and one is now OK which would seem to contradict what most of us previously understood from instructors. This illustrates the need for OIR to develope and maintain a resource which eliminates opinions and identifies a precise methodology in which these questions are to be answered.

Oh no here we go.

I agree :smiley:

Anyone Ever had one returned because you interpreted 3+1 when clearly the photo shows 2+1.

In this case the photo does prove nailing attachment.

could I be losing agents because of what is taught (3+1) instead of interpreting the form to mean 3 total with 1 being on the opposite side. I hear some inspectors are sending in 2+1 and are getting away with it.

Makes me look like an *** if other inspectors are giving credits. Trying to do the right thing but if my client is losing by using my services because citizens is accepting 2+1
and I am using 3+1 well it doesn’t make much business sense.

All you can do is interpret in your own way.

To me it is now clear as day what the form says and how it is interpreted.

I try to not consider the outcome when I do inspections. I just report the facts as best as I can according to whatever form is used.

If that loses me clients I don’t want them :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot . Yes people get away with all kinds of crap every day. Most who review the reports know next to nothing. Lable a picture as something positive and call it such on the form and it will likely be accepted. I am always as honest as I can be regardless of the financial outcome.

LOSE THE PICTURE REQUIREMENTS they do not prove anything.

We have all been beating our heads against the wall for the last year on this subject and it really is a mote point.
i had an inspection yesterday where the clients agent had sent them a print out of the discounts that they would receive for the different mitigation factors and the discount for a single wrap and a clip were identical

The one I saw from a homeowner was from State Farm and it was $120.00 difference. Still an insignificant amount, especially that next year, the rate increase will more than likely wipe out the discount anyway.

The problem I have heard, is that if it isn’t marked correctly or to what the picture is, it automatically gets thrown out or reduced to toe nail.

I can’t remember what the new form says, but a single wrap should be a strap with a “minimum” of two nails on one side and one on the other.