Writing an incomplete report...at the clients request!

I have been getting a few requests lately by clients to NOT report on many of the issues found on a home.

And what about when the USDA comes after you for preparing a false report?
There is a reason the USDA and other entities (HUD/FHA) require a Professional Inspection be performed and reported with a Professional Report!


It is fraud.


That is where my mind was going with this…

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You will have to write in the report which systems and or components “were not” inspected. If you simply omit and or imply they had no issues, well, figure it out. What if you did this for an insurance claim? does that explain it :smiley:



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However, the contract is between you and your client

You are in a licensed state, why are you talking about Internachi contract? you are to abide by the state’s rules & regulations, I encourage you to check them out. You will learn that you are to specify sections you are not inspecting. When your client attempts to take this report to USDA, they will decline it. Your client will then ask you to write in the report that there is nothing wrong with those systems. At that point, you’re making false claims and the state can revoke your license, among other things. You’re not allowed to make false claims in your reports.


USDA did not hire you, but they will file a third party claim saying they were harmed by your fraudulent report. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


I used the internachi contract template…from back when I was a member.

We issue examples of our contracts to the state for review and it was good to go, so it is just what I use…

But anyways, thanks for the responses guys…it has convinced me to not partake

I appreciate it.


I agree

glad I came on here to ask as I think I was rationalizing this a little too much and could have made a big mistake

thanks guys

Nope. Conspiracy to commit fraud does not require there to be a contract. I’m surprised this question is being asked on the internet and in the public domain, frankly.


Yep! agree!



Well it was merely an inquiry and nothing more

But just in case…

An entire industry is often judged by exposure to a single bad player.

I’m surprised it’s being asked at all…


I’m not surprised at all… considering…

I recommend you memorize them verbatim!

I had a request by the buyer and agent to exclude the water heater from the report. Water was leaking from the rusty base of the water heater. It is only a matter of time before it completely gives out. The seller is refusing to negotiate on any repairs. The buyer can’t afford to replace it as soon as she moves in. They want to have it covered under a home warranty. The home warranty will not cover it if it is shown as needing replacement in the home inspection report.

My response was don’t scheduled an inspection if you do not want to know what is wrong with the home.


The definition of insurance fraud!