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I am taking the Crawlspace Inspection Course. I have completed up to the Inspection and writing assignment. I am in Orlando Fla. and don’t know anyone with a crawlspace that I can ask to let me access it. Most construction here is slab on grade. I was wondering if it is acceptable to go to the Fla. House of Horrors and fulfill the assignment commenting and documenting something I see there. Any other ideas if not?

find a picture online and report and write about a defect in it.

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I bet if you smiled to fastreply@InterNACHI.org and asked them, it would work.

I live in Alaska and I had a better chance of finding a billion dollars than finding a house with an A.C. unit. Did what you suggested, found a picture of a shit AC unit and wrote about it.
I suggest OP does the same.

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I was definitely looking into that, but noticed Google images have a notice that they may be protected by copyright?

Are you using the image for business purposes or are you commenting on an image for educational purposes…

Michael, I read it like it was free to use if for educational purposes.

I was just trying to hold his hand and lead him to his own conclusion. People on here have been real sensitive lately.

That’s for sure.

Hey that’s mean. :sunglasses::rofl:

I didn’t mean it for to be that. :thinking: :cowboy_hat_face:

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I live in Lakeland. You can come here if you want Live and In Person experience!!