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10 Easy Ways to save Money & Energy in the Home
This article is very informative and shows how easy and inexpensive it is to save energy. This article explains that the customer can receive tax credits from the government, and the home feels more comfortable at the same time.
One way of saving money is installing CFL’s over incandescent lights,that can save money and installing LED’s instead of CFL’s can save even more money.
Initially the customer may have to initially pay more for these lights but the savings come out in the long run.

Anti-scald Valves
Anti-scald Valves aka tempering, and mixing valves mix cold water in with the outgoing hot water, so as not to scald a person.
Unwanted fluctuations are also a safety hazard. Scalds account for 20%of all burns.
Also anti-scald valves increase the available hot water, by not using as much which is also a money saver.