Wrong picture sent with essay for Attics, Ventilation, Insulation & Interiors coarse

I inadvertently attached the wrong photo to an essay that I submitted for the AVII coarse. How do I correct this? I don’t see any way to redo it. I have tried going back and reopening the section but it just shows as complete. Any suggestions?

Your narrative is what matters.


My bet is that it’s never looked at anyway. Don’t worry. :shushing_face:


Thanks Brian. I guess they will let me know if there is a problem.

I guess we will find out. Thanks

That’s right. In fact, my statement has a more real world application. A supplied photo is an illustration to help the client better understand the narrative. Therefore, an error in the subject of the photo if FAR less critical than an error in the narrative.

You will always always be held much more accountable to the words you write over the subject of a photo.


That’s where I would put my money at.

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Yeppers. Like @bcawhern1 said, the narrative is what matters most.