Wrong Wiring Connections (posted by Joe Lim)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on AskNACHI.org by Joe Lim (from Singapore). [/ASKNACHI]Dear Sir/Mdm ,

Please advise matter for wiring circuits for 3 phase electric heater questions as follows :-

  1. What happens by connecting earth wire wrongly to one of the incoming phase supply ?

  2. What will be the voltage supply for connecting earth wrongly to one the incoming phase for example incoming supply is 380V ?

Your favorable reply is much appreciated .

Joe Lim
Email : joeseng@singnet.com.sg

I am not going to answer this question as I can see difficulties .
If this is a legitimate question then this person should not be doing any thing with this system as they really need an electrician to do the work.
It sounds a like it could be some person trying to get an answer to use against NACHI.

… Cookie

I agree with Roy. This is an area for a qualified electrician. Improper wiring could cause a fire, and is a safety hazard.

Call a qualified electrician.

If you have to ask questions like these, then you should not even go near 3 phase wiring, electricity is very dangerous, you need to ask or hire a qualified electrician not a home inspector. Please be careful, there are some things that should not be attempted by a Do-it-yourselfer, and this is one.

lol…I will simply say this…You are in Singapore…get a Singapore Electrician to assist you…about all I will say on that statement.

Oh…I should mention…" Earth" wire…I think before we could answer that question anyway you need to understand that Earthing is one thing( Grounding )…Bonding is another…and generally a Equipment Bonding Conductor which is bonded properly in the service enclosure…and then directly CONNECTED to a leg of a 3 phase motor via this “Earth” which I assume you mean Equipment Grounding Conductor ( which is really a BONDING Conductor )…well…listen to my suggestion in the FIRST part of this post and be safe.

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Hay all

3 phase is no more of a problem that single phase

Same safety requirements etc.

Just a little more education to understand the systems

Look at it another way what if you had to check out a DC system? (solar)

Just a little more education

Remember that many electricians do not understand these systems

If they work 99.9% single phase and then walk into a 3 phase building they too have to go back to the book