WTF Picture of the Day

I wonder where that black hose in the back of the cabinet discharges to? Great WTF picture!


You mean the black hose that also goes uphill? Someone will have to open up that block to correct it all. Good eye

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No water trap for the sink with the garbage disposal. Gases must be entering kitchen?

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Probably out to an open pit in the backyard? :thinking:

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It disappears in the wall, who knows?

It was happening in Alabama in 2017!

A local activist named Aaron Thigpen showed [United Nations official] Alston a number of homes in Lowndes and Butler counties, many of them discharging raw waste into open trenches and pits via PVC pipe. In one case, a drinking-water line ran through an open-air waste pit…. Meanwhile, a study in May by the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston revealed that 34 percent of the people in Lowndes County tested positive for genetic traces of hookworm due to inadequate waste treatment.


Ok, not mine. But WTF. Read the comments also: