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yeah, its pretty generous :slight_smile:


water a plant on top of electrical…

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Yes, that’s not smart but that’s not why I posted the pic. Can you figure out what’s missing? This was a manufactured home inspection.

So all the power to the mobile home goes via the NEMA 14-50 cable, right?
The cover is certainly missing, but it appears to have a 50A breaker then some other breakers… what are they for?

I see a ground rod but no ground wire. Though other grounded equipment is attached to the panel.

Yes. The 20 amp was for a small Tuff Shed that wasn’t part of the inspection…I did test the outlets. The 30 amp was a mystery. I didn’t pull the dead front because the plug was in the way. I saw no component that the 30 amp could be for. Everything was accounted for in the sub. The listing stated there was central A/C but I saw none.

Edit: the cover is on the ground on the left

Edit #2: The range was gas so I didn’t think it had a 240v but the listing states a 220v hookup in kitchen. That’s probably the 30amp double. Sure would be nice if they labeled things. This home was built in 2006 so the Zinsco threw me off for a couple seconds.

Correct, no ground wire on the rod but not why I was posting. Only my third mfr’d home inspection but my first two had something that this one didn’t. AND, the listing said it did.

((Spoiler alert)) Where is the electric meter?

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In a mobile home park, the meters are sometimes central, and each pedestal only provides an outlet.

Now if in this park every other pedestal is the meter base, well… oh so fun.
Time to open that deadfront.

No problem here, move along Never mind the bungee cord gas line.

So you would unplug the home to gain access to the deadfront?

Yes I would, with appropriate notice and disclosure to the parties involved. All the really good defects hide in the shadows…
It’s a plug, bordering on a usual operating control. The HO with no tools could unplug it themselves, and might do it for you if they’re present.

There are super cheap NEMA 14-50 outlets out there (as the EV community has found), so looking for arcing or signs of water intrusion and rust behind the deadfront seems worth the risk of messing with it in the first place.

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All great to know, thanks Bryce!

Was there metal drip edge under the underlayment and gutter apron and behind the gutter? Or was this the only drip edge?

Underlayment should be installed under the drip edge on the rakes, and over the drip edge at the eaves, unless you are in Florida.

In Florida the underlayment is held down by the drip edge at rakes and eaves due to the strong winds the roofs must withstand.


How many things wrong with this drip edge and underlayment I found this morning?


Correct. It can be done either way here. BUT, when it is under the drip edge, it also requires a 4" wide strip of roofing tar over the drip edge.
So, this had two problems.

The shingles werent sealed down to the drip edge, and the tar was missing. I’m surprised nothing was lost last year with hurricane Ian.


This was the only drip edge

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Ok. Just asking because many installation guides for gutter apron call for it to be installed over the underlayment when there is a drip edge installed also.