WTF Picture of the Day

Obviously, that open valley was not done quite right, was it? Wonder if that roofer is still around to come and repair it. LOL


To make matters worse, homeowner said he gets ice dams that go almost all the way up the valley. :astonished:

Is the gas line buried and providing a ground path?

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That was my thought as well.

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What did the attic look like?

Couldn’t get to the exact area. Too small (or I’m too big). It’s at the far end of this picture.


I would not have gone any further either.


I actually didn’t go at all. lol. Picture was from the access point.


I knew that, cause that is as far as I would have gone too. LOL


You should try out my new attic shoes.


That would work. LOL


Yeah, that was my thought, as far as the tester… but I still don’t know how that would work, because it doesn’t carry it back to the service neutral.
It’s still not technically “grounded”.
And it certainly wouldn’t help the breakers to trip

I can’t be the only one that thought the yellow piece of batt insulation in the picture looks kind of like a horror version of big bird from Sesame Street lying on his side….right?

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Yeah, it was a bit sketchy, lol. Onsite, I wasn’t really sure what I was all looking at.

My reply here probably doesn’t belong in this particular thread.

I run into similar attics in 90% of my inspections.

I’ve been looking at the pole threads and there’s a lot of varied solutions, mostly adapt a painter pole with a 1/4-20 thread and run out the length.

I was thinking of using my Insta 360 X3 that I bought for my Trip to Greece. Add some kind of a 360 light to it and record in places you can’t reach.

The issues I see are getting a long pole up through a port hole and is it worth the trouble?

I did a place yesterday and it looked like this. While the house is less than a year old, it would be nice to inspect around those couple roof vents back in there.

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Is this a shingle or tile roof? Was the roof sheathing 15/32" or 19/32"? OSB or Plywood?

Shingle. 19/32 OSB.

I didn’t suspect anything was wrong, but I still wanted to look. I guess I really want the ability to look and right now that’s not happening.

The Villages does pretty good construction. They get the major stuff right. You won’t find a (new/newer) house in TV that has anything wrong that will allow water in or cause health or safety issues. This is not to say that 20 years later someone hasn’t come along and screwed things up, but in new homes, like this one, it’ll be done properly.

What they tend to mess up is fit and finish, hence me doing an 11 month warranty.

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Chinese dry wall

Why would you assume that?