WTF Picture of the Day

I think it means there’s a coal burner on the property.

I could use some of those, any idea where to get them, Ryan?

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Here is some on Amazon…

I’m not Ryan, Marcel, but they also come in the box whever you buy a GFCI receptacle, at least they have for all I’ve bought over the years.

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Looks like a partial flue erection. You think the little blue pill will help?


really bad hail down here

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Where’s “down here”?

It always helps to fill our one’s signature.


Currently reside in Texas.

My buddy and his family in Houston didn’t mention hail but got hammered by wind and water with Beryl.

It seems like the just had a major storm in May, too.

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Yea, Houston apparently got some damage. Pretty quiet in central Texas.

My image wasn’t really from hail, just a badly built addition/attached shed kinda thing on a manufactured home. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was thinking basketball sized hall. :wink:

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Families that poop together- stay together!