WTF Russell?

HG seems to have changed their forced agreement process without so much as a heads up. Can’t get through on your phone lines. Everyone must be calling. WTF over…

It was announced in yesterdays newsletter.

The help desk is also becoming increasingly useless with inexperienced people answering calls. Been using HG for 13 years. Feeling dismayed.

Not true John. You were talking to Tracey who’s our most senior support person. Please explain what question she didn’t understand? Tracey said to you it was in the news alert and you told her you don’t read it.

Its a new feature for all of us.

here’s a 7 minute video explaining the change in our agreements. I know we don’t like change but after you try it, you should love it because even if you do not use our new apt mgr by filling out the agreement gets it ready to download online apt and places it in your software.

When you make your customers feel like they are the problem, you lose them. I’ll discuss later, HG has already set me back an hour today.

Can’t disagree with that. Not sure how to respond but I agree.

BTW, your old way of uploading the agreement still works you shouldn’t have lost a minute unless you were curious about the updates.

You hung up on Tracey because we didn’t give you a notice is what you said to her. We can play all this out on the public forum, or you can contact me directly. Whatever you prefer.

Some users are excited and welcome the change. It saves them a whole step since the info can be downloaded into the software.


I did not hang up on your rep. I ended the call. She may have felt bad about the call ending because she didn’t help me much. In retrospect, she should have looked up my account to see how I use agreements and advised me that nothing had changed for me other than the look is totally different than what I’ve been used to seeing every day for many, many years. Why didn’t she just explain that?

I logged on this morning to send out reports and I could not tell how the agreement process works because it has changed. There was no way for me to know that the agreement sends automatically when the report notification is sent out. How could I know that? I am a creature of habit. Now that I know how it works, it is easier. Great! If you gave one days notice this this global change was going to occur, I don’t feel that was adequate. Most companies that I deal with send out a notice like that many times over longer span. Your phones ringing off the hook today support my argument.

She didn’t understand me when I asked her about creating additional inspection items or sub-categories in the template under existing inspection items such as for pools. Whatever, I’ll figure it out. I just hoped HG could save me some time.

My comment regarding your reps lack of knowledge involves an earlier call in which I inquired about companion reliability with ios. After being assured the problems were addressed with an upgrade and buying two ipads, I learn companion ios has a fatal flaw and doesn’t work.

I appreciate that you listen and take the side of your employees then proceed to say I hung up on your rep. but you should also consider that I’ve been a paying customer of yours for 13 years without hardly a peep. I feel like if I am having a problem with HG you should give me the benefit of the doubt not immediately say I’m incorrect and accuse me of being rude and hanging up on your gal.

So I’m peeping now. Please commit the money and resources to make HG companion work with ios. This has dragged on entirely too long. I’m sure you have your reasons but perception is reality. Whatever has happened regarding this, it does not bode well for HG currently.

Thanks for explaining more John. I just hired another support person today which makes 14 employees. I work hard to maintain a reputation of excellent support and perhaps your comments rubbed me wrong the way you worded it.

No one in our support team did any assuring that problems were addressed in the ios. That is our black eye and support team knows this. We will disagree on that. However I am holding the best improvement to the ios and will check it out today before uploading to the store. It should be available soon but as you will see in another thread on this board that is active (I posted this morning) it is still in beta.

To me, I think your biggest peep about any of this is that you didn’t get a good notice on the change. Your old way still worked and as soon as you upload your agreement like you would have yesterday nothing had changed that drastic except the wording and it still required you sending the notification.

Unfortunately software on a server doesn’t give you a great way to send out a trial test or provide answers ahead of time by talking about a future change without seeing it. That is why I created the video. We have talked about the changes coming soon and for many not soon enough. We usually mention these things in our news alert.

I do think you will love the change but you can continue uploading the agreement each time too if you prefer. We did try to make everyone happy. I am sorry for the trouble we have caused you and we do appreciate your business.

One more note Tracey said you suggested that we could have included a notice in the software just like when we have a snow day etc. That is true. I admit I did not think of that.

Soon we will be coming out with Invoicing and accepting payments etc and I will try to make a video of that on our test server even though the art work or look may change in the week before release. I will try that. But please keep an eye on our News Alert as that will be where we announce it.

There is always room to do better. I will try.

Ok thanks Russell.

Tracey has always been very good at solving issues and has guided me through troubled waters. She is the best if you didn’t understand it it might be user error

Ahh a friendly poke at John. It might be user error, but it was my error for not being better at providing notice.

I appreciate John O and he has been a long time user for years and an advocate of HomeGauge.

He felt I should have done a better job. I agree.

I may have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning! :smiley:

I love the new system Russell, it was always a hassle to “Add force agreement”. I do however still like to upload my agreement each time but now it’s easier. Thanks for the wonderful phone support. I’ve always been pleased.

That seems to be the norm for me and many times under the bed.

I had issues with the agreement change as well and have only be a 3 month user.

I am a creature of habit as well and change not understood can be frustrating.

The staff an Russ have been good to me even though I have been frustrated at times.