WTF Waste Picture of the Day

How much? :grinning:

It may not be, but the dead air space alone I would think would be at least R-5.

I too would like a to have an assistant to open up the attic and clean afterwards.


Even better, lol.

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Maybe she is the inspector and her assistant is taking the picture :thinking:


This is what I was refering to in an earlier post about how I have my hatches insulated.

Seal around perimeter for the hatch cover to sit on.


That’s what I did with mine, too, Kevin. :+1:

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From Quora

I inspected a 3 yr old home for the second owner and not a stitch of insulation in the attic. It’s amazing what can get overlooked.

I inspect apartments, and not a stitch of insulation in the attic AND holes into the conditioned space. It’s amazing what landlords will leave out, when they don’t pay the power bill.

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