Hello all, this is the notorious Todd A.

I just happened to look at the Nachi site , and it is all locked up… Is it due to the AShi folks? Or is it something else… Hmm, regardless, I like what I was able to see, and was just wondering how everyone is doing in these seriously bad times…?
I hope everyone is well and healthy… Peace my old friends or (enemies) lol… Take care.


Thanks, Todd…life is good here.

I hope you and yours are well, too.

Glad to hear it Larry :slight_smile:

Haaa, Todd nice to hear from you again. It has been a long time.

Some NACHI member winers gripped about getting bet up on this board by nonmembers and Nick caved. Sad but true.

Times are good.
The Obama money is keeping me busier than ever.

How is yours doing?

And it’s went downhill from there.

Former member, every time I think about rejoining I read more nonsense on the MB.

Inspection bus. is good though.

“Obama money”…You an insider in ChicagoLand???

Haven’t you heard that all Chicago residents now have gold paved streets and rocket packs.:slight_smile:

I am well in more ways than one :wink:
I have a regular job with the State and I like it well enough.

Glad to hear from you folks, and I am glad the streets have been repaved . lol