Wtr Heater Vent

I was asked why we didn’t fire up the water tank. What response would you have given a client? Just curious.


My contract states:

"**► **IMPORTANT: The Inspector will not open gas or water valves, light pilot lights or gas appliances, activate electrical services that have been turned off, or cut locks open. The Client is solely responsible for ensuring that all utilities are turned on, that breakers are turned on, that all water and fuel valves are open, that all pilot lights are lit, and that all rooms and crawl spaces are unlocked prior to the inspection. Return visits because utilities were off, valves were off, pilot lights were not lit, or certain areas were locked or otherwise inaccessible will be subject to an additional fee starting at $95.00 (additional travel charges may apply depending on distance). ◄ "

Besides, that one looks like it needs some service or replacement.

I don’t know why it is off…it may be a safety reason. I won’t make enough on this inspection to pay for the damage from an explosion…not to mention I like living. :shock: