WWhat is the best digital camera for home inspection?

Similar to bluetooth, but it creates a bundled sending of data and "drop"s it. Superfast. I don’t touch Microsoft anymore. lol.

Thank you, I’ll check those out.

AirDrop is really fun and fast. And, I’m the same about Microsoft. :+1:


Ditto that! No interest whatsoever! :+1:

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Thoughts? only $25 plus shipping

18mb ram, SD card, and USB

Nope, been there done that. Drop it one time and it’s toast.

Get the Olympus tough.

Amazon.com : OM System Olympus TG-6 Red Underwater camera, Waterproof, Freeze proof, High Resolution Bright, 4K Video 44x Macro shooting : Electronics

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My goto camera is a Nikon Coolpix S-4 with 10x optical zoom and a rotating lens. 6 Mp
Backup is a Coolpix P100 with 35x zoom and 10Mp. Bought both used on evilbay.

I like eBay and use it a lot. What don’t you like about it Bob?

Who said I didn’t like it?

I just figured since you said “evilbay” there was something sinister about it. I guess there is kinda, it is always taking my money.

I second that. I dropped my Olympus Tough off of a roof, fell about 20-25 ft onto a concrete driveway. Still worked like nothing happened. They’re great cameras, use them in the rain, drag them through crawl spaces. But I don’t use it much anymore I always use my phone, Android.

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