Does anyone know anything about this company or has anyone been contacted by them. I got an email from them saying the would like me to be a rep in the Knoxville area. If anyone has any information of them please let me know.


Never heard of them ???
I would be careful…some years ago…the ole timers…remember inspectarisk…
I’m not saying this company is like them…but i would be careful…

The best draw companies are ;
Granite inspections www.gcinspects.com
Trinity inspections
& Digital Draw Network

just my $ .02

Home-Check of Ga.

I got one today as well. Cammille Bowles was the contact. I have not contacted them as of yet.

New InspectorPages.com Message:Name: Camille BowlesPhone Number: 1-800-713-2001E-Mail Address: dispatch@a2zfieldservices.comMessage: I would like more information about your company or have anotherquestion. Please contact me to discuss.

Ben, thats the same one I got. I wonder if they are just wanting to sub out inspections or if they are wanting us to work for them.

I’ve done some work for them… most of the work consists of occupancy checks and photos, if vacant they want locks changed, then if home is to go to auction they will send you some signs to post at and around the property…

watch their pricing… not that great… make sure it is in your area… aka not much travel as you may end up visiting the home 2-3 times… I have been strict with my fees with them… we’ll see…


Can you give us an idea of what they are expecting to pay? You mention, with caution, that you may visit the home 2-3 times and watch the distance. Are they not paying for each trip or are they trying to assign it to you as a one time payment for all activities at that account address?

It would help us all evaluate with a little more info.


Does the company supply the report or do you use your own? I know they mentioned taking photos. I use a written report, but I do own a digital camera.

I have worked one job for them also, but as yet have not been paid. They work for banks and lending companies on fore-closers and sub-contract out for property inspections, lock changes, winterizations, sign postings for auctions, etc. I am still unsure, as a home inspector, if my insurance covers this type of work or not. (Probably not). They provide the forms and have strict guidelines on how to do the inspections, or other jobs, and you can send the finished work forms along with pics to them off there web site.
Seems like a legitimate company, but like stated before, the pay per job is not that great and I haven’t seen my check yet from a job I did in early January. Hope this helped.

Dan Nelson
B-Sure Home Inspections, LLC

These folks are a field service and property preservation middleman for the most part. Most of the volume of your work consists of visiting homes that are on the verge of foreclosure and verifying occupancy. Basically you are letting them know when the property becomes vacant, so that they may move in with a preservation contractor (could be the person doing the inspection)and secure and winterize the property. These occupancy verifications pay very little, usually 4-8 bucks max with some as low as $3 per inspection. Some companies have such high volume in specific details that they are in fact a decent income. Others are so spread out that they become a loss leader for the person who inspects and then also does the preservation work( which can gross about as much as many get for a home inspection.)
These companies also have clients that need bad debt chasers, wherein you visit with someone who is behind on payments on something and try and give them a letter or encourage them to call the companies debt mitigation department. You usually get paid one price if you make contact with the perosn and another lower price if you end up leaving a letter at their residence.
Still other work includes taking photos and doing short questionaires for companies that are applying for merchant services. This is basically required to comply with Patriot Act ordinances to verify that the person pulling credit reports is an actual business.

The last information I had on A2Z is that they are a reputable company in their field. Their pay is lower than you can get elsewhere, but most of the time it is quite a bit higher than the national middlemen such as fidelity, safeguard, and five bros.

I wouldn’t worry about a bad payment until Mid Feb if you did an early Jan job. A lot of these companies in the field service industry pay on 45 day cycles.

Oh and for the most part, no you are not covered by your home inspection policy, even the general does not cover this work for the most part. There are E & O companies that are specific to this industry, but these can be as pricey as HI policies.

Daniel, Steve,

Thanks for the info. Wow, that was an old post. Surprised when I saw my name on it.


I recently spoke at length with an individual doing property preservation work in the Dallas area. He does high volume work and is all he does. He was outright and honest and we were speaking of E&O. He pays $8000 a year for his policy, $1M/$1M and another $1K for $1M of GL. I thought we were getting the shaft!!

My E&O for my draw inspection company is $2400 a year with 1mil/2mil coverage. I hate writing that check each year!!!



That is really interesting actually! I was surprised that there would be a need for E&O on draw inspections. Was this a legal requirement, requirement from the lending institutions or a personal choice?

               A2Z Field Services requires that all field inspectors and property                    preservation sub-contractors have Commercial General Liability                    insurance, Errors and Omissions insurance, Non-Owned & Hired                    Auto Liability coverage and Workers Compensation coverage.

The old WC. You cannot get it for 1 man operations.


Yes there is a need for E&O insurance for doing draw inspections. In my area there are some banks that require it to get there work.

Here is a little story I know. Years ago I worked for two guys that had a draw inspection company. Before hiring me they used one the owners sons. This guy was in his early 40’s a bar hopper and an alcholic. One bank had their inspections on Wednesdays. Well the son would go to the bank get the 40-50 inspections then go to his favorite watering hole. Sit in the parking lot of the bar fill out the draw sheets. Not even going to the houses!!! Doing this finally caught up with him, his dad, and his dads partner. The bank lost a lot of money b/c some of the builders that were well over funded filed for bankruptcy and pocketed over 100K. Now comes the lawsuits to everyone involved with the inspections. Luckily the two owners had E&O insurance but they were eventually out of business for being corrupt in other ways.