www.EveryInspector.com now over 77,000 inspectors big.


Again, how does one opt out of this directory? Some of us do not like our info sold to spammers.

This info is not sold to spammers. It is a shared-work project within the inspection industry.

It is an inspection industry database which relieves the access holders of the cost and energy of having to mantain their own separate databases themselves. It is simply a more efficient way for those of us who need to announce inspection industry news and events to keep track of who should get what notices. It has the advantage of allowing access holders to correct the contact information of an inspector for all access holders thus keeping it current for all (including the inspector). Each access holder that sends anything provides an opt-out should the inspector not wish to be kept informed of the inspection industry. And of course every ISP these days permits one to go into his/her spam filter and block all emails from any source.

Then what is the big deal about taking peoples names off the list who do not wish be on it.
The spam is now getting out of control, I have a vendor who keeps ringing I am getting fed up with it.
If someone has asked you to take them off the list you should do so.

PlanetNACHI… resistance to Spam and unwanted phone calls is futile"

Who is the vendor? I’ll tell you if they are an access holder or not.

I have asked the vendor not call again. It is only fair to them the chance to follow my wishes. I am not blaming your CD for this vendor as I know it not come from that, but your disk will not help. If they do call again I will give out there name

EveryInspector.com DOES help. It helps much as our access holders have pre-agreed to usage terms that benefit inspectors.

I suspect the vendor you are complaining about is not an EveryInspector.com access holder. I think you should reveal who it is.

Dam Carl you mean that I can’t call you anymore?

$3500 ! Damn why didn’t I think of that !!

NO Kidding!!..I was wondering if it was supposed to ne 35.00:mrgreen: :shock:

If anyone is getting spammed by an inspection industry vendor, post the company name here. I’m quite sure it won’t be one of EveryInspector.com’s access holders, but lets find out.

Come on Greg you know I love it when you call and whisper sweet nothings to me.
Like I said Nick the vendor is not calling because of your list it is someone who I have done business with before and wished I had not. I have no problem with vendors and I know they need to make money. Why cant NACHI have a separate section on the web site where they they can post items about themselves. Then if we are interested we can call or e mail them.

From the web site: The potential spammers:

If you charge something for the list, you are selling the info.

From your posts, I have to assume that you refuse to let us opt out of the list even though we have expressly objected to it. In that case, change my email address to fastreply@nachi.org and change my phone number to your home phone number.

EveryInspector.com doesn’t email anything to opt-out of.

It is not an email system. It is a jointly maintained and shared database.

Am I listed in EveryInspector?

I don’t know. But if you have done anything to publicize your inspection business’ email address within the inspection industry, it is likely that one of the entities that share in the maintenance of EveryInspector.com has found your public information and added it to the database.

Yes Neil you are listed.

Thank you Greg.

There is also the appearance that you harvested the info from NACHI member roles and are selling it. The same email address and phone numbers are listed in whois for NACHI.org and EveryInspector.com. If vendors want to go to the trouble to harvest info and keep their own databases, so be it. I do object to NACHI selling my info to vendors.

NACHI doesn’t sell info. We gave your info to Greg (a fellow NACHI member) as he was using it to inform you of a NACHI event he was hosting. We do this for free for all chapter heads and hosts of NACHI-related events and will continue. NACHI procured and delivered information is a member benefit. Go to your spam filter and simply block all incoming emails from NACHI.org if you don’t want to know. Greg did not pay for it. Any member needing access to your member’s contact info to announce NACHI events or legislative updates or whatever will continue to have free access to your member info without having to dig for it online. An association emailing itself is not spam.