www.EveryInspector.com now over 77,000 inspectors big.

What do you mean you are not selling the info. You are charging $3,500 for it and then $100 for the updates.

Not me. And not NACHI. NACHI gives its member data in a nice format to fellow members like NACHI chapter heads and NACHI event hosts and NACHI legislative representatives who need it to communicate with their own members so they don’t have to fish online for it when they have something to announce. It is not the info we are giving them (that is already available) it is the nice useable format to their fellow member’s contact information that we give fellow members. It is not sold to our members it is given to them for free. An association emailing itself is not spam.

May I have a copy?:stuck_out_tongue:


I want to thank Nick and the NACHI staff (Deanna) for the items sent. :smiley:

Talk about member service, received the items on the second day by 10 am.

Again, thank you all.:|__)

Carl you seem to think that your spam is comming from NACHI mailing List.
I know I too do get a lot of spam.
But My wife who is also a NACHI CMI gets almost zero spam she also has her own email address.
Now logic to me would say the spam you and I get must come from places we have visited or some other way they have our address.
Roy Cooke . CMI…RHI…CHI…CAHPI-ON. NACHI is #one in my book.

Todd, Yes. What event are you announcing?

I guess the email reply I got from Nick G. may have actually been from some other staff member.:wink:

I’ts the SABA show. I sent you the link LOL

Anyway thanks again!! :smiley:

We actually have some fake names and email addresses that forward back to us in every database just so we can track how are data is being used. Keeps everyone honest. :smiley:

Todd, what is the SABA show, how is it NACHI related, and why do you want to announce it to fellow members?

Actually it’s SAHBA “Southern Arizona Home builders Association”
and I was only announcing the fact that the NACHI office staff is top notch.

Nice of you, but we like to reserve the emails for events and issues that really affect the email recipient (like an educational event happening in their neighborhood). When someone gets an email from NACHI we want it to be one worth opening. Staff is pretty sharp though, I will agree. Especially that Dee/Lisa team.

We only use the list to announce items that may be of benefit to NACHI members. Every announcement that we send out has a link for you to be removed from our list if you are not interested in getting any info from us. It simply requires you two make to clicks with the mouse and you will never hear from us again.

For those of you that don’t know you can buy software that will search the internet for e-mail addresses and compile a data base of the info. You can actually create a specific search criteria for the type of industry you want a data base of.

You seem to have missed the “raz” emoticon.:wink:

I have no use for a data base of HI’s

Ooops, got it.

Anyway, when a member is also a vendor, we try to think of them more as a member than a vendor… as we believe it in NACHI member’s best interests to buy from fellow members where they have the social leverage to demand better pricing and better service. I try to buy everything I buy from members or their wives or their relatives. Let’s keep the $ in the family.


This show I am doing is a big event 10-20K in attendance(supposedly), but it is mostly for trades people and builders.
I still think the NACHI tablecloth and trinkets will go over well. There will be two of us manning the booth… Todd the HI and the President of opperations for Cali and AZ for bug stuff.

I sure wish I would have thought to call (home) when I did the Realtor Expo a couple weeks back. Regardless I filled them full of NACHI and the benifits of said inspectors and I have had so many calls that I refuse many inspections as I just dont have the time. I always send referuls to NACHI folks unless it’s commercial’ and well, actually the HI that gets my commercial is a NACHI member he just kinda hides it . lol