Does anyone know anything about this website:


They have posted my phone number as a contact number and I am getting calls wanting inspections for something called


I’ve Googled the company and came up with very little.

Thanks for the help.

Looks like somebody started a web site and never finished it. The windstorm mitigation inspection is for insurance reduction. The inspection is offered for free to the homeowner through a WCE (windstorm certification entity). The inspector gets paid $75-$90 per inspection and the homeowner can save up to 10% on their windstorm insurance, if all is right with their home. They can also receive a matching grant from the state for the installation of hurricane shutters if they qualify.

He is not a WCE. If you would like to help them then direct them to www.mysafefloridahome.com for all of the information they need about the free inspection or they can call 866-513-6734.

I tracked the guys email address down on Whois and requested he remove our phone number. We’ll see what happens.