www.yourpropertyreport.com free upload / download system

Hi everyone, greg from inspectorsites.com, I just wanted to officially announce the launching of:


a FREE report upload download service I have created for home inspectors. Basically its my way of giving back something to the community for all your support the past 2 years.

I can definitely say this system rocks over anything else out there. Give it a try, its free. Already got 5 people using it. I wont have a manual for about a week, but its so easy, you can figure it out in 2 minutes.

You can use .pdf’s or .doc’s, you upload reports and then you can email your clients a link either back to yourpropertyreport where they enter in the inspector code and the report code, or you can choose to email them the full url (link) to the inspection report bypassing the yourpropertyreport.com site altogether.

What you get for free:
50MB storage space
1GB Data Transfer per month

If you do a lot of reports, and want to store them on line for a while, I offer larger disk space packages from only $4.95/mo, but almost everyone can work with the 50MB limit.

Let me know your opinions, ideas, changes, requests, etc, so I can make this better for everyone.

And remember, this just launched today, I tested it out real good, but in case someone finds a bug or problem, please let me know and i will fix it right away.

If you have any questions, comments, etc, feel free to reply to this thread.

Greg Glickauf

Just an update for those of you that were waiting for the new home page look and/or while label branding service before you signed up.

New Website
I finished the new public home page.


I tried to make it as professional looking as I could and keep it as generic as possible so everyone can use it. This new look should definitely impress your clients when they arrive to view their reports.

I also added in the capability to send cc and bcc emails when you email your clients the link to the reports. This way you can send an extra one to the realtor and even to yourself if you want.

White Label branding service:
For $4.95 per month, (for inspectorsites.com clients) you can white label this service and use it within your own website so that your clients come back to your website, not www.yourpropertyreport.com and then they click “download report” and then download their completed inspection reports all from YOUR website. No mention of yourpropertyreport.com appears anywhere on your site when using this white label service. The client thinks its all you!

White Label Branding is available for $4.95/mo for existing inspectorsites.com customers.

I do offer this to non inspectorsites.com customers for $6.95 per month plus a $99 setup fee.( setup fee can vary - please contact me)

To see an example of this service in action follow this link: http://www.inspectorwebsite.com/download-report.htm

If anyone has any questions, just post way and I will do my best to answer them.



Could you please contact me. I’ve attempted several support requests, emails, and phone calls for 8 days to transfer my account away from InspectorSites and had NO response.

Trying to unlock and get an authorization code to transfer the domain registrar and hosting.

Tim, where did you purchase your domain name from? Usually a place like GoDaddy or Register.com can get you the code, not your host (but there are exceptions).

From the WhoIs.net it shows Inspectorsites.com as Administrative, Technical, and Registrant contact.

Greg is not with Inpsectorsites anymore, hasn’t been for a couple of years.

Chuck, with the Bellman Group, owns it now. He’s been easy for me to contact, called me personally a few times when I needed his help/advice with site.


All is well. Some sort of email issue and all is corrected.

That’s Chuckles on the left.
Great guy.