X-Rated Inspection

These 2 characters just couldn’t wait for me to finish :mrgreen:

It went in my report and the clients got a kick out of it.

Great shot.

I always suspected the “gecko” guy was a little funny… LOL

One looks a little camera shy.

I can just see it now. Littly Johnny (6 years old) sees the picture and asks mommy and daddy to explain. Mommy and daddy are embarassed and dont know how to answer the question. You get a fat letter wanting to know why such a picture as put in the report. Aint America great!!

I specifically stated in my report:

Reptilian creatures are having unprotected sex on the balcony. This is typical of the spring mating season. Recommend keeping children indoors during this evil fornication ritual :shock:.

As I recall the story goes something like this.

The lizard on the bottom ran out of gas and the lizard on top is giving it a jump start. :smiley:

Did you see the look in the eye of the green one ??
“Privacy, Privacy, please”