Well, it finally happened. I got taken by an online “business.” I purchased XP Medic, which supposedly cleans the Windows registry to improve performance. Downloaded the software, waited days for the “unlock code,” which never arrived. Emails to “customer service” netted me only auto-responses. The demo version of the software locked up my computer so I had to uninstall it. I’m out my $46, which isn’t a lot of money, but I’m hoping this post will help other NACHI members avoid my mistake.
The company is apparently located in Canada, and now that I’ve researched it (duh! should have done that FIRST!!), it seems that they have been scamming customers for some time.
Anyway, I hope others can learn from MY bad experience.:frowning:

I got taken my first time this year also. My mistake was paying with my paypal account. I will only use an actual credit card now so a dispute can be filed and the charge reversed.


Sorry to hear of your experience. They’re all around these days and will only get worse.

If you are still looking for a good product try Glarysoft’s Registry Repair at http://www.glarysoft.com/. It is free and a very good product!

I didn’t mention in my post, but I also used my paypal account. Lesson learned!

Danm Canuks!



Wendell, Try THIS LINK to contact the owner of xpmedic. It is a mail system from the owner of the registration company for their website. Cant hurt. Good luck.

Tried it, THANKS! As you said, “Can’t hurt”

You can contact paypal to get your money back. If they end up with enough complaints they will freeze their accounts completely, which is no fun!

I filed my complaint with Paypal. Unfortunately the guys empty their account upon receipt of the payment. Even though Paypal ruled in my favor, there was no money in the account to get back. :twisted:

That’s BS, I’ve heard of paypal taking future funds as well unless they shut the account right away. In this case it shouldn’t be a problem.

It be a cold day in hell when a canuk will give back money i say. Settle it over a beer and hockey game

Thanks, Dominic, but I have already tried that, and paypal refused to take any action. They said that they can only act if a product has not been received, or was substantially different than described. I never got the “unlock key” (not received!), and the software didn’t work (substantially different than described?). I have not given up, though!

That’s too bad Wendell. I’ll be more careful with my on line business now. Thanks for letting us know. Happy Holidays!:grin: See you at the next meeting.

I’m sorry to read that you were ripped off. If you’re looking for a registry cleaner, I use CCleaner. It’s free and will find all potential issues and give you the option on what to do about them.


Hoser…sounds like something a canuck would advise 'ey? :mrgreen:

How goes it Waynie?