Xtend and Climb

Which one is recommended for attic access? 12.5 or 15.5?

I don’t think I’ve ever come across an attic the 12.5’ wouldn’t get me into very comfortably.

saw many where the entrance was in the Garage and my 17 FT LG was needed

Most ceiling in my area the attic is 8 or 9 foot walls.

Agree… and the older century homes with 11 or 12 foot+ walls/ceilings most always have walkup/closet staircase access. Personally, I like the longer choice because often we don’t have a direct straight shot to the hatch and sometimes have to fudge the angle.

Going with the taller 15.5

Done deal.


I have the 15’6" ladder now and am thinking of adding the 12’6" ladder just for attics and single story homes.

The 15’6" ladder will be more versatile if you just have one ladder.

Yep! It will go up to about 21’…
It has became my most used ladder. I have 2 of them along with many other Gorillas at different heights…
I have perfected moving the attic hatch with the X&C.

Hmmm good idea!

I’m thinkin’ about making a video as to how to do it properly.

Now that I’m thinking about it one of my selfie sticks would be much easier.

Many 10’ to 12’+ ceilings here, very few walk ups… better off to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

So how much insulation you FL guys got on top of that attic hatch?

Usually none at the garage hatch, and it’s “anyone’s guess” when it’s in a bedroom closet…


Yep, maybe 1 out of 100 in a garage have insulation, bedroom… 1 out of 10… typically it is up there just displaced. If no other issues are found in the attic I put it back. Happened twice in the last 500 inspections.

Usually a batt.

I have the telesteps, works like a champ. Light, easy to carry, type 1A. Its not as stable as my werner a-frame, so its not for every application, but works great for most of my needs.

The two best things I have bought were my Spectoscope and Xtend & Climb 780P. I only carry this ladder and a small step ladder. If I can’t get on the roof with it ,then I use my pole camera.

The reason for going with the 780P vs the 785P was the ANSI Duty Rating. Although I’m no were even close to 300lbs (thank god) I like the reassurance of having the higher rating. It makes me think it is better built, whether or not that is true.

We carry a 10.5 and a 15.5 in our vans. I am comfortably able to access more than 90 percent of attic spaces with the 10.5. The 15.5 is significantly heavier and more cumbersome. I don’t use it unless I have to.