Yeah sure, a SUPPOSED hidden camera sting,leaky basement

…and sure, the President goes over like he supposedly does often or all the time for an estimate/assessment, pftttt! And, loooooooool, he’s wrong anyways!!!

The B Dwwwy owner is wrong, so is the inspector and so is the technical expert (? loool, not on this subject!), for the Better Business Bureau… HAHHHhahhahahhahaahahaaaaa, what a joke, their own video and they fk it up, incompetent sobs.

Lookie here man, they said the elderly woman or anyone else like her, has lived in her home for 15 years, never leaked in basement. Then, she supposedly left a hose on and which flooded her basement window well and got water in the basement.

So, there IS some sort of problem, exterior opening(s) that allowed water to enter!!! Period man.

The problem with ALL these supposed lil experts that came over to the womans home was, they did NOT want-to, care-to or KNOW How-to, correctly IDENTIFY her problem, the leak!!!

Anyone who leaves a fkg hose on and gets water in their basement, has some sort of exterior opening/problem.

In this supposed case, she either has 1 or more of the following open, on the outside…
–a crack in the basement wall, or rod hole etc (something wrong/open in the basement wall)
–1 or more openings in, around, under,above the soooopid basement window/sill where she supposedly left the hose on.

1, the other, or both.

BUTT, these buttheads, these supposed honest experts didn’t REMOVE some of the drywall in order to see/inspect the WALL and window area in order to fkkkkggg DETERMINE the exact problem(s)!!! azz’z

The ASHI home inspector and his lil moisture meter loolll, 'found one damp spot…well hello, we already knew water/moisture entered!!!@!@!@!@#@%#^#^#@%@^%&**((((_+(&&^^^&^ omfg

The woman reporter (pffftttt) says, ‘based on that there is no reason to waterproof this basement’…
and the ASHI guy says, ‘That’s absolutely correct’… hahahhahhahaa, wrong!!! He is wrong, they all are wrong and INCOMPENT, negligent, period.

The B Dwy owner said she has a GUTTER problem!!!#@$&**%&(^^
Hey, the gutter had NOTHING to do with the fact she left a hose on, water hit-soaked her wall, window, gutter has ZERO do to with it, duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

You cannot, you will not determine her (other peeps) problems by using a friggin moisture meter and NOT looking at the wall or window area (take the g dang drywall OFF), complete incompetence.

And Bubba-brainzzzz will fkg say this again too, the truth which is, the B Dwwwy President does NOT go on friggin estimates, buulshttt. He sits in his office and sips coffee or gin and counts all the money he rips off from homeowners and tries to come up with other ways, scams, videos to SEDUCE unknowing homeowners outta their dang money, got dat? Got milk???

“Who do you turn to when you get water in your basement?”
NONE of the ABOVE!!!

The GIN Blossoms, Allison Road (sexy Mama) “Marky’s lost his mind, on what he FINDS…the many FOOLS in the waterproofing biz…and each one is more wasted than the others you can bet”

While you are an unmoderated guest and are very helpful with waterproofing information (thank you) , it would be much appreciated if you could just clean up the language used when posting. There is no need for swearing or the inane attempts at hiding the swearing with symbols or shortcuts. Just state the issue. It would be much easier for those reading through your posts if the information was just clearly posted without all the hyperbole. This is, after all, the public section of the message board and readily visible to all.

Thanks for your consideration.

I would not stop way before the end if all the added crapola was missing!

not changing a thing. if you want me off your precious mb then toss me off.

have time to apparently read some of my crap and time to post back but no time to post back and answer why Nachi rubs elbows with Basement Systems.

go ahead, give me the boot, won’t be the first or last.

oh yeah, quite a few Nachi HI’s would be the wiser if they changed their website-tunes on this subject, just saying.

Mark, it was simply a polite suggestion.

You are free to continue your banter here.
I am not the one to defend INachi rubbing elbows with Basement Systems, you or anyone else.

I just think it would be wise on your part to clean it up so people would want to continue
to read your thoughts & opinions thru to the end.
It would carry more credibility to people who are not familiar with your specialized expertise.

Carry on ~ Happy New Year.

Exactly. The lack of tact only degrades the message.

Nobody said anything about booting you off the message board. You are a welcome visitor with lots of information. Unfortunately, that information it is being lost amongst the babble that is prevalent in your posts.

InterNACHI has dealings with lots of vendors. That is up to Nick and has little, nay nothing, to do with the membership that utilizes your information. Many will follow someone with less or even incorrect information but a better presence. Not sure exactly what the flowery language accomplishes other than devalue your stature in the waterproofing industry.

It was only a suggestion. Follow it, don’t follow it. It is your reputation that is tainted, not mine.

I welcome your polite suggestions but do disagree on my message/posts here as the facts, the photos and videos are all that’s needed to help some homeowner who has a leaky basement who may be searching for the real info, they just need to take the time and…think!

Go right past any 4 letter words, abbreviations etc, what really matters are the facts, not the bullshtt.

Now you are catching on. :wink: Just the facts will get more hits and the chance of people accepting your information as fact. Otherwise you come across as a loon to those that do not know your background.

Ohio and Indiana, the Basement Doctor… 1:20 he says, “99% of basement waterproofing is done from the inside of the basement. The PROPER way to waterproof a basement, to guarantee that it never leaks again, has NOTHING to do with digging on the outside”

Hmmm, well, there you go, seems nice enough… no 4 letter words so, must all be true huh. He seems, credible huh?

a silly or foolish person, idiot, ***, halfwit,dunce, dolt, ignoramus,moron, imbecile

also, any of several large, short-tailed, web-footed, fish eating diving birds of the genus Gavia of the northern hemisphere

My point exactly. Even though he is wrong, he comes across more articulate and to the public that is more believable.

I knew you had webbed feet from working in all those wet basements… :wink:

lol nah, i am part-loon as in loonie-tunes and that’s because of all the crap a few of us honest, experienced contractors have to listen to, put up with as well as hand digging 6’ etc holes in order to fix most peoples basements, gotta be at least a tad nutty to do that for 35+ years. We see the big time dollars these interior scammers make and it simply, kllls us.

so sure, loonie-tunes is fine, some of us have the same humor bug as the great late George Carlin

How about this beauty?
Not all scamming, incompetent basement waterproofing companies/contractors etc are of the inside system variety, as this video clearly shows

This basement doesn’t have a chance to be dry.

I agree I stopped reading these posts over a year ago. I clicked on this one to see if anything has changed…it hasn’t.
Have a good one, might try again next year.

Oh well, snooze ya lose. See you next year, maybe.