Year for Garage to Living Separation

Does anyone know what year the IRC start requiring the R309 type separations (fire separation for doors, gypsum for walls/ceilings, etc)?



I’d like to know that myself, thanks for asking.
My garage and house was built in 67 and had peg board on the wall.
Just started renovating it last week.

Does it really matter? It’s a safety hazard and should be called out. Every Town, in every County, in every State, potentially has varying answers to the question. Most of them don’t even maintain records for themselves… because… THEY DON’T CARE. Today is only what matters. As the saying goes… the Past is HISTORY!

Whether they were enforced or not, according to an article by Barry Stone, firewalls between homes and garages have been specified in the Uniform Building Code since the first code book was published in 1927.

I think we realize that Jeff, but out of curiosity, it would be good to know when the IRC or more likely the BOCA code had this requirement.

Thanks Stephen. Obviously it was not enforced for many years in many locals. :slight_smile:

Many locals didn’t have inspectors/AHJ’s, let alone adopted building codes to enforce. If you weren’t in the “big city”, you were on your own.

1st edition of irc was 2000
much earlier versions of cabo & sbcci verbiage
Separation required: The garage shall be completely separated from the residence and its attic area by means of 1/2-inch gypsum board or equivalent applied to the garage side.
was building track homes in early '70 in TX & all adjacent to living space got rocked
1992 cabo is on the interweb

Here is a discussion by the Code Man on the subject in 2009.

Gee, where did I hear all that before (without all the rambling rigamaroe)? :razz:

I was going to say, considering the IRC wasn’t even formed until the 1990’s, the code most likely pre-dated the IRC.

And trying to figure out which regional code group did what in which year is often difficult to figure out.

Is that the garage side of the wall in your pic, Marcel?

Well, you know about the insulation so it is probably not the garage side…:)…just never saw pegboard in the living space.

That’s the garage side Larry. Ripped out everything and install new. I won’t have to chase studs to hang stuff anymore.

Looking good…:slight_smile:

Few more weekends to get it wrapped up.
Hell, it’s been 28 years. :mrgreen:

Looks like a reference I had from Mike Casey indicates since 1927 UBC (Solid Door, Framing Protected), ALL IRC, ALL CABO (which became IRC)