Year of enforcement

I am incredibly surprised at how hard it has been to find the year that certain codes were enacted. Is there a database where this information is stored or is it grunt work research?

I am specifically interested in the years for anti-siphon, GFCI and expansion tanks in the IRC code.


Thank you

I wouldn’t be too concerned about it, since you are not a code inspector. Nothing wrong with recommending an upgrade to current conditions. Here is a thread for a GFCI breakdown chart from Jerry Peck.

What the IRC says is not always the most relevant date. What your local jurisdiction says is going to be more important.

It usually takes several years for a chance in code to work it’s way down to be the local level, assuming it’s adopted at all.

There is only one possible way to collect that information… talk to every single jurisdiction that you operate in… and hope to hell they have a wrritten record of their adoption of any given code cycle AND adjustments made to it for local purposes.

Good luck with that!

I am adding an addition to my house. Master bed and bath with a new laundry. Just got the plans from my architect. The notes have the following info: Shear wall nailing pattern is to follow the 2003 IRC. The rest of the building is to be done according to the 2006 IRC. This is in 2017 and I am in the largest county in the state of CO. Does that help with you finding applicable dates to apply to your inspections?

10-4…Thank you all. I have had some realtor feedback when suggesting upgrades on remodeled and/or never upgraded home. While I never quote code I do want my facts straight when explaining my report. The GFCI breakdown is a huge help. I am in an area where it used to be in the sticks and the thought of building permits were on the same level as toilet paper.

You are not there to enforce any building code. If you want to waste your time, get on the phone and call the AHJ. building code enforcement is very complex and not understood by anyone. There are many options. You have nothing to say about those options.

In short, based upon what everyone else has said, fagetaboutit!