Yearly Check List

Does anyone know of a good link I can use to add a yearly checklist to add to my reports for the customer to use?

Buy a box of “Now That You Have Had A Home Inspection” books and give one to each client . It contains all they will ever want to know.

The only issue I am having is my Realtor only wants his reports sent via email on a PDF, so I need something I can attach.

You said for the customer to use, don’t worry about the realtor, hand them out to the client. They are very informative books…

Great thank you so much.

Who cares what the realtor wants !! Your client deserves all your best, not what some agent tries to dictate. Also give a book to the agent and if they have 1/2 a brain they will love it, thus problem solved, if that doesn’t work, go back to my 1st comment.



Ok thank you very much.