Years of inspection experience breakdown of Commercial course attendees.

NACHI member Bryant Wetzel did a breakdown of years of experience of attendees at

10 had 1 year.
9 had 2 years.
8 had 3 years.
11 had 4 years.
5 had 5 years.
2 had 6 years.
4 had 7 years.
1 had 8 years.
2 had 9 years.
1 had 11 years.
1 had 16 years.
1 had 17 years.
1 had 23 years.
1 had 32 years.
9 were balding.
3 were female.
22 wore glasses.

I can deduce from that data then that doing commercial inspections will make you loose your hair and go blind. No, Thanks then…no commercial inspections for me!

If at 58 you still have your hair the I think there is a good chance you will not be going to loose it .
Good for you!

Roy Cooke

Well, actually I’ve done a few commercial inspections so you can probabaly suspect that I may not have 100% of my hair now and I do wear reading glasses too. :mrgreen:

Yes this seems to happen to many of us when we pass that 39 year mark . Some a little sooner some a little later.
But it sure is better then the alternative .

Roy Cooke

How many had cool tattoos? :smiley:

Waiting for N.Y. commerical insp course…


Just do like I do. I grow my hair long then i fold it over to cover where it is missing in front. :smiley: :smiley: :shock:

And I wondered why he was counting the crowd, 15 times today…

I thought he forgot the number, by the time he got to the end of the class…:mwa-hah:

and I’m sittin next to him…

Something like this Henry? 2749713912.jpg