Yellow gas flex line run...

throughout attic to feed gas lanterns at exterior of home. It seems to me that the flex line is improper for the applicaton. Any thoughts?


John…if it is the properly rated csst…they are using it everywhere now…can’t say I like it but it really is everywhere now…jim

Was it bonded?

Terrible installation, but otherwise compliant.

I would think the use is ok but the installation sucks. I would call it out as needing protection from physical damage in the shown location.

They probably shouldn’t have run it on the walk boards, but they’re running that stuff everywhere you used to see black iron pipe in the past… except for where it’s going to get beat up.

See how it is laying on the metal drip pan edge? Not good.

Hate the stuff. Always makes me feel like I’m looking at a future leak. But its approved just about everywhere now.

Thanks for the replies.